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Diana Ceballos 05.18.2022 5 min read

How to drive better sales performance with the right tools

It's the 21st century, and there is no better friend to the sales professional than technology. Technology has become the panacea from helping drive efficiency, cutting costs, and providing data-rich analyses to helping save time, offering 24/7 access, and automating tiresome tasks.

However, technology is of no use if it doesn't address people’s actual needs. There is no benefit in inventing new technologies if they don't make lives better. Imagine your sales team twiddling their thumbs trying to figure out how to get custom performance reports or business leaders struggling to get visibility on how to improve low-performing teams.

Technology can be a great boon, but only if it’s relevant. As sales professionals, numerous tools can make the complex parts of the job much easier. We list out some of the tools, technology, and tips to help improve the life of a sales representative.

Increase and drive better performance with the implementation of these tools and platforms


Often sales representatives waste copious amounts of time filing their wins, losses, and daily performance into excel sheets and books manually. They also indulge in shadow accounting when they do not fully understand or trust the calculation system. Automation eases the burden off sales professionals and gives them time to focus on actual sales work.

Reporting and Analytics
Any tool that provides access to real-time performance and sales data is a must-have for your sales team. It helps sales reps learn from past data and recognize patterns that could help them close deals. It also allows them to learn about their work and improve.

Forecasting and Prospecting
A great way to prepare for the future is through accurate forecasting. Forecasting tools help sales teams equip themselves with the proper budget and tools to mitigate risks and leverage advantages. 

Sales Enablement
Sale is a function that always needs input – research, marketing, product, industry, infrastructure, you name it. Effective enablement software is like gold dust to high-performing sales teams. It integrates all the essential and relevant news and data into one place, often delivering actionable insights to help give the sales professional that edge to close the deal.

Marketing Management
Sales and marketing are pretty intensely intertwined. A sales professional reaps what he sows, especially in marketing. Using well-written collateral, emailers, and social media posts, among others, helps build brand credibility and establish leadership. Presentations are also a key factor for sales professionals. Having access to easy-to-create, use, and share presentations is key to reaching out to as many potential clients as possible. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
A one-stop shop for all things related to a client allows sales staff to save all their relevant information in one place. CRM helps bolster the relationship with the customer by expediting future transactions, enabling faster conflict resolution, and saving time and money.

Sales performance management
An essential tool in a sales professional's armory is an efficient and easy-to-use sales performance management platform. It helps track performance and payments, regulates reports, and finds data to support the sales rep.

Commission calculations are often complex and dependent on various factors. If sales professional focuses their energies on trying to calculate and keep track of commissions every time a deal is closed, they would be wasting hours every day. The sales commission management platform instead takes only seconds to give relevant details.

Scale and drive more return on investments with the implementation of a sales commission management platform

Blitz’s top-of-the-line sales commissions management platform combines all of this, giving the sales staff a layer of trust, efficiency, and accuracy. It helps them scale heights and drive more returns on the company’s investment.

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