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Laura Garcia 05.25.2022 5 min read

What is IT Automation and why your company should adopt it ?

According to Gartner, 70% of businesses will be using some form of IT automation by 2025. This spike is a testament to the impact technology has had on businesses recently. Automation has become the mantra for dynamic and technologically advanced IT ecosystems for IT optimization, cost-cutting, or creating value. It enables faster scaling and higher efficiency, giving its users greater returns on investment (ROI)

VMware defines IT Automation as the process of creating software and systems to replace repeatable processes and reduce manual intervention. With IT automation, the software sets up and repeats instructions, procedures, or policies that save time and free up IT staff for more strategic work. With automation, the human need to deliver IT infrastructure, software, and applications is reduced significantly, reducing errors, delays, and inefficiencies.


Why IT automation will work wonders for your organization and sales staff?

All companies expect their team members to use their work shifts productively. But the scourge of repetitive, mundane tasks reduces effectiveness and value creation. In a modern company, the sales functions are often complex, dynamic, and constantly evolving.

IT tasks related to sales tasks typically involve long-winded and confusing formulae, like collaboration, seasonality, clawbacks, etc. And human interventions can often mean small errors that throw a spanner in the works. It can lead to delayed or inaccurate payments, internal conflicts, reduced morale, low productivity, and loss of revenue.

IT automation provides the company with a strategic and adaptable tool that can unlock cost and time savings while being flexible and scalable. IT environments can report remarkably fewer errors and much quicker turnaround by taking tedious tasks away from humans. Companies can reduce conflict resolution from weeks to a few hours.


What are the advantages of IT automation?

As digital transformation becomes the norm in companies worldwide, IT automation is necessary for gaining a competitive and administrative edge. It brings several benefits, including:

Cost Savings
Cost optimization is a tangible benefit organizations desire. Automation drives remarkable ROI, thanks to its flexible and scalable nature. It can do the tasks of many people in less time, helping the company save on labor, infrastructural, and IT costs.

Time Savings
Automation helps save thousands of work hours every year by automating repetitive, labor-intensive tasks.

Optimized Operations
Automation allows the company to constantly scale and update according to the needs of the sales function. This flexibility ensures operations are always at their peak.

Increased Productivity
When operations are smooth, productivity gets a booster shot. None of the sales staff wastes time on redundant tasks, resulting in increased productivity and revenue.

Greater Trust
Automation allows greater transparency and visibility, thereby enabling trust within the team. When trust increases, the chances of collaboration and success go higher, too.

Fewer Errors
When human intervention is at a minimum, the chances of errors reduce drastically.

Higher Security
Manual tasks entail data changing several hands, exposing it to leaks and breaches. With automation, the chances of inadvertent violations are minimal.

Quicker Conflict Resolution
On a typical day, hours get spent resolving conflicts. Automation can step in and wrap up tasks in a jiffy. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, can even help forecast risks and stop them before they occur.


Drive endless benefits in your company through automation

Automation provides your organization and the sales IT staff with innumerable benefits. Blitz's sales and commission management platform seamlessly integrates automation into its process to help companies save time and money and increase transparency and efficiency.

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