Suggestions for a successful sales kickoff

By Mauricio Duran

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A sales kickoff done right can serve to not only bolster sales but also can bring your sales department together while motivating sales representatives. With so many possible benefits and outcomes, it’s important to create the most effective sales kickoff possible, starting with the sales kickoff meeting. Start the kickoff right with a meeting that connects all themes and content into one integrated idea and concept. Formulate a goal for the kickoff meeting that is achievable and motivating.

One possible goal for the kickoff meeting would be to align sales kickoff content with company goals. By connecting your kickoff meeting to company objectives, sales representatives are drawn into the core processes of the business. Employees will internalize company goals and relate these goals to their own personal and professional goals as sales representatives. A sales team that knows company-wide revenue targets and objectives is able to reach those goals. A good way to facilitate this communication is to have an Executive member of the business give a keynote address at the kickoff meeting. This also allows for interaction among different management levels and departments.

Similarly, it is important for every individual sales representative to prepare for the sales kickoff meeting. Assign some pre-work that encourages healthy competition among reps. The goal of pre-work is to prepare teams for the kickoff, not to repeat information introduced during the sales kickoff. Don’t let pre-work be a time-waste. Find some new information that will lead employees into what they need to know before the kickoff meeting. Have your representatives work in a pitch competition or short quizzes. The kickoff meeting is a time to get the creative sales powers going and inspire motivation.

To motivate sales representatives during your sales kickoff, go over any new details on the compensation plan. Any new commission plans or sales benefits associated with the kickoff will be sure to spur motivation and excitement. Outline exactly how commissions are won and how to track these commissions.

Blitz is a commission tracking soft that can provide you and your team with full transparency in commission processes, it can help create workforce incentives, and can even provide detailed reports and analysis across representatives in seconds. Why not jump-start your sales kickoff meeting and gives your sales representatives an easy way to track their commissions?

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