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Top 5 Characteristics of a Successful Sales Management Professional

Are you looking for new ways to motivate your salesforce? You may need look no further than your own personal skillset and...

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The top 6 reasons your commission spreadsheet will fail you at scale

Commission tracking using spreadsheet programs like Excel can be very tempting. Anyone can learn to organize and use...

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Sales Commission plan checklist for 2021

A well designed and well executed sales commission plan should benefit the employee, employer, and even the client. It should...

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5 Common Mistakes in Talking with a Client

In the business of making sales? Then you know that your company’s success probably relies upon your ability to win over...

Tags: Sales, Sales Strategy

How to Build a Comprehensive Sales Commission Glossary

Sales compensation can be incredibly complex, and the terminology used is critical when it comes to sharing information,...

Tags: Commissions, Sales Performance

What is the best time to call potential prospects?

This is the topic, which is always on people’s mind. Now you can save yourself from the trouble, we have the answer to you....

Tags: Sales Strategy, Sales Performance

Why do we need negative feedback to succeed?

Few people like hearing negative feedback or bad news about themselves. Getting a tough performance review or being called out...

Tags: Business Management, Sales Performance

What are the most effective B2B sales prospecting techniques?

Sales prospecting techniques are changing—but not in the ways you might think. Due to expanded connectivity and widely...

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5 Ways Business Leaders Can Help Extroverts Thrive in a Virtual Workplace

More often business leaders are discovering the benefits of managing a team of remote employees.

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7 ways to improve your remote meetings

The way teams work and collaborate is changing. And it's even more challenging when the COVID-19 is forcing us to work...

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What is a sales mindset during COVID-19: What they are seeing & doing?

It’s been almost 3 months since we launched our first blogpost related to COVID-19. Since then, we’ve had countless posts how...

Tags: Business Management, Sales Performance

How sales have changed so far during COVID-19?

COVID-19 is changing how B2B buyers and sellers interact. Savvy sales leaders are learning how to adapt to the next, new ...

Tags: Business Management, Commissions Management, Sales Performance

How to Hold on to a Price in a Global Crisis?

During the global crisis, it’s not easy for businesses to maintain their incomes and productivity. That’s why many businesses...

Tags: Commissions, Sales Performance

How to manage a sales team during a crisis?

No matter the size, or the area of your organization, it’s likely that you’ve been affecting by the COVID-19 outbreak with...

Tags: Business Management, Sales, Sales Performance

How to perform in effectively on your sales work during COVID-19?

The truth is, if sales work were about tactics, anyone could do it. What separates an average salesperson from a great...

Tags: Business Management, Sales

What are the Things You Won't Lose in the Ongoing Crisis?

In a challenging time, fear can cause a feeling that you are going to lose the things that are most important to you. In the...

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How to Start Your Day to be as Productive as Possible

Do you feel like your morning routine needs something new for you to be as productive as possible during the day? 


Tags: Business Management, Sales

How to Train your Sales Team to Perform Better

In the beginning when the team is small, the stages of structuring a sales team, a new hire will get a chance to work...

Tags: Commissions, Sales Performance

Helpful Tips for Working from Home while Social Distancing

During the pandemic of COVID-19, we expect that a lot of people are now working from home due to the CDC social distancing...

Tags: Business Management

How to set Sales Goals during a Crisis

The year 2020’s first quarter has been tough for companies and industries. The holidays are past us, winter is about to come...

Tags: Business Management

How to make Perfect Hiring for Skills and Cultural fit

Most hiring managers want to hire people with the right skills and cultural fit for their company. They are the biggest...

Tags: Sales

Attracting Women to Sales with Policies that Actually Support their Success.

It’s easy to sit in a front of a female sales job candidate and tell her that your company is a great place for her to work...

Tags: Commissions

How to start your first sales prospecting role

Change in a working-field is a stressful and overwhelming process. No matter how prepared we are at something that comes for...

Tags: Sales, Sales Performance

New Business or Salespeople, Commission or Salary?

The reason why companies love commissions is that they allow sales and new businesspeople incentive to succeed. Basic salary...

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6 Things You Can’t Do With Excel Spreadsheets

Excel Spreadsheets can be a wallet-friendly and powerful tool for small businesses to get their business to run and stay on...

Tags: Sales

Your management style could be ruining your sales team performance

Not everyone knows how to be a good leader, and if you think it carefully, you’ll find out that maybe your management style...

Tags: Sales, Sales Performance

4 Key Factors to Creating an Effective Sales Commission Plan

A good sales  commission plan includes specific elements that together work to better a company’s sales culture. By culture, I...

Tags: Commissions

How to increase employee engagement in a company

Increasing employee engagement is important dilemma organizations and companies around the globe are facing.  

Keep employees...

Tags: Business Management, Commissions

Build Stronger Relationships during the Sales Process with a Human-centric Mindset

Trust is a keyword for building and creating strong relationships with a customer during the sales process. It’s all about...

Tags: Commissions, Sales, Sales Strategy

Closing Deals in a Virtual Way and How to Make it Right

Closing deals virtually is the thing that every salesperson needs to take into consideration. In the past, I was searching for

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