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Diana Ceballos 03.14.2018 3 min read

3 key qualities in a SaaS sales representative

Great SaaS products sell themselves ... or do they?

It is often said that great SaaS products can basically sell themselves. There comes a time in all sales growth, however, where sales need a little...push. That’s where sales representatives come in. They have to be experts of their products in order to take that extra step beyond the product simply selling itself. Here are some of the top qualities to look for in a SaaS sales representative.

1. Expert knowledge of technology is integral to SaaS sales

Sales representatives must have a high level of comfort using and discussing technology before they can ever hope to sell the product. They must be a greater source of knowledge than their competitors or that the consumer can supply for themselves.  In fact, sales representatives must not only know about the technical specs of their own product but also how their product integrates with other technology on the market.

2. Sales representatives must understand just how valuable their product is.

Often, new technology is replacing tedious and manual processes. It’s possible, however, that prospective customers might not know just how valuable of a time-saver this new product is. The sales representative must not only have a good understanding of previous technology and methods for obtaining the same results before the SaaS product, but they also must be able to describe it and convince prospective clients just how useful this tool will be.

3. Understanding customer demographics and profiles are key to making the sale.

SaaS sales representatives must know exactly what type of client to look for. Sales reps in other fields might make sales to customers that do not fit the mold exactly when it comes to product tailoring, but SaaS sales representatives must be on the lookout for the perfect clients. Customers that are not a perfect fit can actually hurt business overall with churning effects. Great reps know to look for characteristics in industry, technology stacks, size, and customer needs for the ideal fit.

Blitz is an automated tool that can help you motivate representatives to learn the technology, understand the customer, and make the sale. Blitz can provide you and your team with full transparency in commission tracking can help create SaaS sales incentives, and can even provide detailed reports and analysis across representatives in seconds.

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