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Marco Kronenburg 12.29.2022 5 min read

Recognize your sales team’s efforts with a holiday bonus

When your sales team does a good job, it deserves a reward. But sometimes, arranging the rewards seems like a tall order, especially when you are unsure how much money the next quarter will bring. That's where bonuses come in. They provide a financial incentive for top performers and an emotional boost for others. 

They are a straightforward way of showing your employees you care about their happiness. And often, they make the deserving staff’s holiday a bit merrier.

What is a year-end or holiday bonus?

A year-end bonus is a financial reward to employees at the end of the year or before the holiday season. It is an excellent way of showing appreciation to hard-working employees. 

The bonus could be monetary or non-monetary. There are various types of holiday bonuses, including some of the following:

  •  Cash bonuses
  • 13th-month salary
  • Extra incentives for achieving sales
  • New commission plans
  • Non-monetary rewards like gifts or coupons.

5 reasons why you should give your sales team a  year-end bonus:

1. Recognizes hard work and increases motivation
It shows that you value their work and gives them reasons to push harder next year.

2. Increases motivation

Rewarding your sales teams with a holiday bonus demonstrates that hard work pays off, but it will also make them believe that even if the results are not as high as expected, they have the employers' trust.

In the same way, motivated employees work hard to bring new clients and drive the company’s growth. 

3. Increases employee retention 
Bonuses foster loyalty. They enable employees to connect with the company, thereby reducing attrition.

4. The best talent expects it
Skilled professionals are always in high demand. If your sales team is the cream of the crop, they will certainly know it, as will the competition. They expect to be rewarded for their hard work. Besides, bonuses are the key differentiator when competitors attempt to poach them. 

5. Keep up morale during the off-season
It’s hard to keep the morale up during the off-season. Employees may feel unappreciated, especially when they are not busy. 

A holiday bonus can boost their confidence while motivating them for next year. The gesture of issuing bonuses during the off-season enables the staff to connect with the company and imbibe its vision. 

Cash bonuses like the 13th-month salary help them assess their performance and egg them to perform better. 

The amount is a recognition of what an employee means to the company. While non-cash incentives have better ROI and cost-effectiveness, cash rewards help employees align their motives with the company's goals.


Benefit from the right technology to enhance your sales comp plans 

The end of the year is a great time to reward your sales team for all their hard work. A bonus can be a great way to thank them for their efforts and show appreciation for their loyalty. It also ensures that morale stays high during the off-season. If you consider giving out bonuses this holiday season, ensure they are fair and competitive.

Further, by offsetting the burden of performing mundane tasks, Blitz helps your sales teams save time and offers actionable insights, data, and reports necessary to close deals and adjust your sales compensation plans. 

By implementing an automated platform like Blitz, you can eliminate commission calculation errors, enhance productivity and increase your revenue. 

Want to learn more about how to build high-performing sales teams, and refine your sales strategies and sales comp plans?  Don’t forget to visit our blog to get the latest insights.