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Sergio Zuniga 05.31.2022 5 min read

How automation helps you generate positive ROI

No industry has been left untouched by the effects of automation in today's technological ecosystem. From saving time and cutting costs to improving efficiency and accuracy, automation has heralded a new era of technology-driven businesses.

A leading programmatic advertising and agency management company with ambitions of simplifying the digital advertising space used automation to streamline its commission management process. With more than 30 sales representatives to account for, the firm struggled to handle the process end-to-end. It relied on manual methods, and every small change made by the management snowballed into issues that spilled over to its sales team. And with a rapidly growing team, the problems, too, rose.

It embraced automation in search of a quick and efficient solution and found that the benefits were significant. The time taken for its commission payment process was reduced by a stunning 90% and helped them save close to US$25,000 a year. The automation solution also helped them eliminate payment errors and delayed payments, thus enabling higher ROI.

Automation can transform your business process and bring more efficiency. More significantly, it can help your sales team save costs and time, allowing them to add more value.


Here is why your company should seriously start thinking about empowering the sales team with automation:

Insights from data and process
Any good sales professional will tell you that getting the best out of data is often the difference between winning a sale and losing one. Automation provides action-ready insights automatically to give your sales team the edge in closing tough deals.

 Higher efficiency
Getting more out of your processes is a sure way to increase your ROI. Automation helps reduce deadwood and redundancy in your sales process. Be it commission calculation, accounting, or payments, automation brings process excellence and accuracy, making your sales team sharp and always ahead of the curve.

Better decision-making
When your sales representatives trust the data, the insights, and the process, their confidence gets a booster shot. It translates into better sales and positive outcomes. Automation also helps with overall governance and audit, ensuring compliance and cost savings.

Value creation
If you automate processes, you can save 90% of the time taken for manual payments. Sales staff, account teams, and everyone involved in the methods can devote their time and energy saved to cutting costs or bringing in more revenue.

Save Time
For any company, time saved is equivalent to money saved. As explained above, automation can save hours by relieving repetitive manual tasks of humans. Automation tools can finish, with significantly greater accuracy and efficiency, in minutes for something humans need hours to complete.

Save Costs
A license for automation typically costs less than an employee's salary. Add to this the fact that it can do many employees' jobs simultaneously, and its cost-saving benefits are amplified. It doesn't get affected by incidents humans are usually susceptible to and can be constantly upgraded or scaled at relatively lower costs.

Automation offers a host of benefits to companies and especially their sales teams. By automating aspects like commission payments, commission calculation, reporting and analytics, and marketing, companies can enjoy remarkable returns on their investment in the technology.

Start embracing the benefits of an automated commission management platform

If you're looking to take the next step to productivity and financial gains, you should take a hard look at how to embrace the benefits of automation. Whether it's increasing your team's efficiency or maximizing your ROI, it's time to adapt to the ever-evolving technological ways of this new generation of employees.

Blitz is the commission management platform that seamlessly integrates with automation to bring all these benefits to your sales team.

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