The best food industry sales techniques

By Mauricio Duran

How self-distribution is helping your sales associates reach new levels

Food industry sales representatives in the must be highly motivated to meet the demands of food retailers. Knowledge of the sales supply chain, distribution schemas, and of the actual demand for the food product is critical for overall success. Keeping distribution methods in-house can increase gross profit and reduce costs and personnel outputs.

Self-distribution can create a one-on-one relationship between sales representatives and buyers, can provide the opportunity for unique and client-based sales promotions, and can even give sales representatives more autonomy to make deals.

These factors can help motivate team members, can provide the necessary tools for representatives to make sales, and can give salespeople the buy-in they need to work even more efficiently and productively. The more workflow, however, the greater the need for commission planning and tracking for salespeople and distributors. When paired with an effective self-distribution model, commission tracking can increase workability, motivation and overall growth among food industry sales teams.

Incentives to sell must be dynamic and must rise to meet the needs of the sales team. As goals are set and achieved, new goals and subsequent incentives must be clearly outlined and consistently distributed to all members of the team. Automated commission plans can help you accurately and transparently calculate incentive rewards and compensation. These can be easily communicated to all members of your sales team.

Blitz is an automated commission tracking software that can provide you and your sales team with full transparency in commission tracking process, Blitz can help create and manage workforce commission plans, and can even provide detailed reports and analysis across food industry sales representatives in seconds.

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