Attracting Women to Sales with Policies that Actually Support their Success.

It’s easy to sit in a front of a female sales job candidate and tell her that your company is a great place for her to work because of the policies, but does your workplace policies actually support your words? 


Many companies are operating on outdated policies and procedures that might not include any support for gender-equality practices. Women in sales, as well as women working in other areas of business (or other sectors of employment altogether), are looking for companies with clear positions on the fair and equitable treatment of men and women. 

The workers want to see the actual policies in multiple areas and in an actual black and white paper. The policies are areas all the way from office culture to advancement and paying. 

For companies to retain all the good saleswomen in their rows, from both entry-level to leadership positions, they should examine how their policies reflect issues related to gender equality. 

Including the following policies can help your business create a climate that is conducive to gender equality so that, all things being equal, women will be more willing to work for you. 

4 workplace policies that actually ensure and support women success in the sales industry 


Family leave policy 

As a matter of law, women cannot be discriminated against for getting pregnant and taking maternity leave. But for example, the law only applies to companies employing upwards of 50 employees.  

Without the ‘’paid family leave permission’’ three in four mothers will leave the work two weeks after giving birth. Luckily some of the companies are more expansive and progressive in their attitude towards family leave.  

But also, not all companies can afford to provide paid leave. By offering this benefit is a great way to attract more women to your business 


Manage and track women’s performance and progress.  

Salespeople are used to being tracked and having their performance monitored with different tools. However, not many companies are specifically tracking women’s performance with a critical eye, an eye that is looking for ways to support their needs and encourage their growth.  

If women are not progressing at the rate that men are, it’s a problem for the company that might manifest itself in numerous ways—retaining women for one.  

Having a policy that outlines your company’s desire to support women’s progress can help you attract more talented women to your firm. 


Equality issues 

It’s not easy for companies especially management to create a policy that instructs them to revisit gender-neutrality policies in their everyday working life.  

A strong policy will outline ways that companies can—and should—include company-wide practices that address issues related to gender in the workplace.  

Your business can host seminars, lectures, or workshops related to gender equality as a way to formally address topical issues and demonstrate its support for gender equality. 


Develop programs that target women 

Create programs that support equality in the workplace. For instance, a coaching program or mentoring program. 

Companies that care about women and their advancement should be taking actionable steps to support them, and programs like these can be an effective tool for creating more gender equality in the workplace. 


In conclusion 

It’s important to make ‘’call in action’’ if you want more employee engagement. In a short period, some of the policies might sound for a lot of extra work or more expenses, but a longer period of time it will be rewarding.  

Increasing employee engagement makes the person willing to work and put extra effort into the company to be more successful. Considering these terms, the company will have a much bigger engagement rate and more happy employees.  

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