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Marco Kronenburg 03.28.2022 6 min read

Why does sales visibility matter to your sales team?

Work-life balance; benefits; office environment; opportunities; transparency. These are the buzzwords in almost all surveys on employee happiness and office culture. While most of them are two-way streets, upholding transparency is the exclusive responsibility of the employer. Transparency as a core value is a vital aspect that drives the overall progress of an organization. 

In sales, transparency is paramount. It is a sector based on numbers, compensations, deals, and completing high-pressure tasks. It is a job where trust and value play a crucial role. Sales staff, just like their clients, feel valued and appreciated when a company strives to be transparent and honest. 

Why visibility and transparency are crucial to the effective functioning of a sales team? 

Builds mutual trust and respect

Any successful relationship thrives on trust and respect. Showcasing visibility and transparency helps boost the most vital aspects of the sales function.

Helps build on the success

However good a sales professional is, there is always room for improvement and performing better. Equipping the professionals with the ability to check and understand their real-time progress helps them focus on opportunities that have more scope for success.

Enables complete visibility of performance

A transparent view on performance gives your sales team the power to track their weaknesses and put in more effort wherever required.

Provides job satisfaction

No professional excels at a job they hate. A transparent organization motivates sales professionals by showing them the right path to pursue. 

Improves sales numbers

With job satisfaction comes the motivation to be more productive and bring in more revenue for the company.


How to achieve transparency in your sales department?

A transparent sales process improves productivity and helps new staff to tune their aspirations with the company’s goals. Here are 5 ways to shape a high-visibility sales department: 

1. Visible goals and performances

When your sales staff is clear about the goals, they can train their efforts towards realizing them. A transparent goal-setting and review process empowers the sales professionals.

2. Regular publishing of reports and performance data

The access to regular reports on performance and deals completed or lost gives practical insight into the areas that need improvement. The data collation must happen after clear discussions with the staff. The reports must be timed properly, such that it provides actionable information every time. Sales staff will dismiss these reports as spam if they are too frequent; also, if the reports come sporadically, then their efficacy is lost.

3. Checking compensation payouts

Nothing motivates sales professionals more than the reward they receive for their hard work. Letting sales representatives check the status of their compensation will keep them updated about how they’re doing and whether they need to up their game.

4. Automate payout processes

An automated sales commission payout process assures the sales representatives that there is no room for human errors and bias during their assessment. 

5. Set expectations early and provide regular feedback

Another way for managers and reviewers to ensure visibility is by providing constant feedback about the expectations. This will give the sales staff a clear understanding of where they stand and how to improve. Discussing strengths and weaknesses allows the staff to calibrate and work on improvement.

Great end-to-end visibility in the company and within the sales function of the organization helps the team visualize goals and work towards the company’s mission clearly. 

In conclusion:

An efficient commission management software gives organizations a competitive edge in terms of a flexible and transparent compensation process. With Blitz, you can supercharge your sales team with a lean and high-visibility sales compensation tool. Contact us to learn more!