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Diana Ceballos 06.06.2018 3 min read

Keep track of your salespeople with a sales compensation software

Track commissions seamlessly, boost your sales

Technology has become crucial to fuel sales departments. And, commissions are not the exception. When you have a fast-growing sales team, performing manual processes and using spreadsheets become a problem and a pain point. To solve this, you may want to consider using a sales compensation software.

Using a sales compensation software will allow you to make your commission program’s process easy for managers. And, you will be able to inspire individuals and teams no matter the size of your company.

Easily create and implement sales commission plans with a sales compensation software. The less time you spend planning, tracking and managing compensations, the more time you will spend driving sales and generating business.

A sales compensation software is a simple, transparent solution for your commission plan problems. Tracking your salespeople performance will be easier than ever before. At the end of the day, the purpose of paying commissions is to track their performance. Good sales compensation software allows sales managers to produce reports showing the performance of each sales rep.

To analyze your data, interpret it and make a smart decision, you need to narrow your focus. Rather than tracking everything, a sales compensation software allows you to track the most important things. Focusing on important metrics makes it easy to understand what’s happening in your sales team. Then, you can work to enhance performance.

A great solution

A great option for a sales compensation software is Blitz. Execute your sales commissions reports and analysis more quickly. Set personal goals for your sales reps to track individual development. Monitor progress to goals in real time and calculate goals based on past metrics. These are some metrics you can track with Blitz:

  • Percentage of sales team hitting quota
  • Average deal size
  • Conversion/win rate
  • Revenue
  • Sales funnel leakage

Giving your sales team a tool like a sales compensation software is extremely important to their motivation. Let your salespeople receive timely and desirable compensation. Keep track of their individual progress. As a sales manager, you will enjoy using a sales compensation software like Blitz. Know what your salespeople are achieving. Keep your salespeople engaged, informed and inspired to work more efficiently.