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Diana Ceballos 12.12.2019 8 min read

Blitz Named Top Commission Tracking Software for Small Companies

Blitz tracking software makes the sales commissions process more straightforward for small teams. It not only comes at moderate pricing but packs a ton of features for you within its affordable plans.

Blitz features an automatic commission tracker and a mobile app that allows its users to look at the performance of sales commissions or isolate the performance of an individual employee.

All these features are what propelled it to be named a top commission tracking software for small companies. This only backed the fact that it remains the best choice for businesses that look for affordability and ease of use in a commission tracker.

Blitz offers monthly plans that a business can choose from based on the employees it has and the business profiling it uses. Inclusive of these plans is an automated tracker for keeping tabs on commission-based systems.

Top tier plans come with sales forecasting and bonus compensation.

Blitz Tiered Features

Apart from the QuickBooks Integration Add-on that you can acquire at modest monthly pricing for both the small and mid-sized plan, you can also choose from other lower plans. The latter is designed for optimizing the operations of small businesses.

Here is a list of some of the features you get:

  • Commission-based plans
  • Reporting
  • Complete automation
  • Data import
  • Bonus-based plans
  • Sales team management tools
  • Sales forecasting
  • QuickBooks Integration Add-on

This software is developed for the purpose of commission tracking, providing automation of calculation and monitoring of commission and compensation that is performance-based. evaluated 15 tracking options that eliminate use of paperwork and make the process of compensation smoother. It based this evaluation on affordability, reporting features and ease in setting up. They compiled a list of the six topmost for 2019, where Blitz was ranked the overall best. Blitz aims at small business ventures seeking a commission tracker that offers ease in use and is affordable.

This year 2019 Blitz shows Benefits and Great fit for Small Companies

Blitz's business plan (small) has 50 users that pay a fixed monthly fee. The pricing is almost similar to that of other programs at entry-level and also includes compensation calculations that are commission-based. Users are, therefore, able to set plans for compensation on a team or individual basis and do modifications or additions to calculation rules.

Using Blitz allows the user to do a modification of commission plans, which integrates products that are entirely different thus allowing alternate calculations to be used. This is particularly helpful to teams that want to give their sales reps incentives to sell a specific product or category.

Of the many companies that benefit from Blitz, small companies make up the most substantial portion. With Blitz, these companies will experience growth. With the accurate tracking of commissions ensured by Blitz, a company’s sales team will benefit significantly as they will be motivated to reach their targets. The company’s objectives will also be achieved when higher sales are attained.

The uniqueness of Blitz lies in it being fully transparent, providing instant calculations and complete automation. With Blitz, small businesses are able to automate their commissions tracking process hence achievement of better performance in the sales team.

The compensation plan you have in mind will be under your control, and you will play a role in boosting the sales and growth of your business. ranks Blitz on Top for Commission Tracking Software compared over 24 software options and focused on their affordability and ease of use. The other factors that were put into consideration during the comparison were time and the resources needed for the implementation of the software and also how well the software integrates with others, for example, CRMs and various types of sales tools.

Also featured were each option’s scalability and the available types of training and support.

Criteria used to determine the best solutions

Here is a look at the requirements that were employed in coming up with the best Commission Tracking Software.


The overall cost of implementing the Commission Tracking Software was looked at, and labor costs that are saved by not doing manual calculations for payments and commission structures that are complex in manner were also factored.

Ease of usage

An evaluation was done to determine the ease of setting up and using the software regularly. Also evaluated was the ease of importing sales info and running automated processes by users.


Connection of the software to CRMs (Client Relationship Management Software) that are popular and tools such as QuickBooks are some of the integration options that were considered. The comparison found also included the additional costs resulting from such functionalities.

Workflow Automation

The software’s capability of handling everything automatically and the requirement for user input once establishment of the software has been done was also weighed.

Reporting and analytics

The factors that were considered here were the available reporting options, the information, and data provided by the software to its users to help in management of sales teams and tracking of commission payouts.

Customer support

An evaluation of the available support options in the company and availability of onboarding support and training was done.

In conclusion

In all the above-aforementioned categories, Blitz proved itself a formidable front in the commission tracking software arena by ranking highly in each. Rated the best overall by, Blitz is a highly recommended software for enterprises that are small in size. This is attributed to the set of powerful features it has, affordability, and the ease with which it can be used. Blitz also has the capability of dealing with complex commissions. Finally, its setup process and interface are intuitive and friendly.