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Laura Garcia 11.19.2020 3 min read

The many problems of using Excel to calculate Commission Plans

Back in the early days (the Stone Ages) of computer integration into public and private businesses, spreadsheets were cutting edge. What once was left to the pencil and paper of mathematicians could now be calculated using processors as slow as mud with a few long-string codes and command prompts. It all sounds so fantastic and efficient.

Now while Excel and spreadsheets have come a long way since those first examples, the time has come for yet another transition to bring spreadsheet data tracking to the modern era. Automation is the way of the future, especially when it comes to commission tracking plans for businesses.

Excel spreadsheets just don’t meet the compensation plan management needs of businesses anymore. Compensation and commission plans nowadays need to be flexible and creative. With ever changing markets and trends, employee remuneration must keep up to effectively incentivize and motivate behaviors to meet company objectives. Dynamic compensation plans attract the most qualified and the most successful sales associates, agents, and overall employees. Businesses with exciting compensation campaigns and competitions push employee engagement and effectiveness to new levels. But let’s be honest. Excel spreadsheets simply don’t have the capability to meet these needs in creativity or flexibility.

So where are businesses to turn if not to their trusty old spreadsheets for commission tracking?

The time efficient option to reduce work load burden and provide flexibility in commission tracking exists with Blitz. With commission plan automation, employees can access their data in real time. Excel spreadsheets are not shareable. With more modern options, like commission tracking software, employees can download an app and have their data within minutes.

Additionally, with commission software, teams can create motivating campaigns or contests, change employee roles, or update compensation plans in real time. Nothing needs to be left to guesswork, and nothing should take months to figure out.

The end is in sight for commission tracking using Excel spreadsheets, and that is OK. The time comes for every outdated system at one point or another to be let out to pasture. It’s up to you to bring your company to the next level with sales commission plan management automation software. Blitz can help. Contact a member of our team today to find out just what exactly you have been missing out on by using spreadsheets like Excel to calculate your team commission plans.

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