6 Strategies for increasing sales reps productivity

By Helena Hernández

Let’s keep the good work!

Sales reps are the core piece of a sales department, and as a team leader, you have to do your best to keep their productivity up. Sometimes increasing sales reps productivity could turn really difficult, but here are some strategies that will definitely help you through this process.

1. Good training

A lot of us have the idea that training keeps sales reps away from selling, but training is absolutely necessary for increasing your sales reps productivity and learn about new selling techniques. Not only train your sales reps, reinforce the training and pay attention on how they are applying all their knowledge.

2. Rewards and recognition

For sales reps, praise and recognition become really important to keep them feeling upbeat and doing a terrific job. How can you recognize your sales reps? Establish a weekly or monthly contest for top producers, get a small or rotating trophy, you can also reward employees more often with small valued items like gift cards, organize an employee/peer nomination, and always thank them and let them know about the good job they are doing.

3. Embrace automation

As we said before, automation saves you time and energy, it also helps you to avoid common mistakes in manual processes. Before automating your sales processes, you have to make sure everything is intuitive for your team. Automation should be customized to fit your department needs.

4. Know and work with the personality style of each one of your sales reps

Always think about leveraging the strengths of your sales reps and work towards identifying the strengths of each sales rep in order to assign individual goals. Each person in your team makes decisions differently according to their personality and communicates according to their style those strengths should be leveraged by you.

5. Give constant feedback

You can now deliver feedback in a lot of ways: phone calls, Skype, mobile messaging app. Feedback is about telling your sales reps what to do and what to improve rather than pointing out what not to do. If your team knows exactly what your expectations from them are, they will keep on performing flawlessly.

6. Keep them motivated

Strategy #4 and this strategy go really good together. As a sales manager, you have to identify when to push and when to encourage. You should be able to tell what motivates each one of your sales reps, and this ultimately will cause your sales team to work perfectly as a team reaching all their goals. Commission plans are also the key part of this strategy and they have to be managed properly and with special attention so the sales reps receive what he expects and he doesn’t lose interest and motivation at all.

Is not impossible to increase your sales reps productivity

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