How to start your first sales prospecting role

Change in a working-field is a stressful and overwhelming process. No matter how prepared we are at something that comes for switching roles, companies, responsibilities of just projects inside the company you already work with.


Either road you decide to take requires hard work and dedication. Not every new sales rep planned to be in that role, and you need to know that sometimes, the perfect sales or prospecting role will eventually find you. Not the other way around.

What is sales prospecting?

Customer prospecting is one of the first steps in the prospecting process. The sales team uses specific sales prospecting tools to identify the type of customer to acquire and the market opportunities available to capture their business.

As part of your prospecting strategy, your sales team must decide how to approach these prospects, what channels to use to engage with them, and what to say that will prove your product or service will solve their problems. In doing so, your sales team will be able to start building a relationship with these leads to convert them into customers.

If you are new to sales prospecting, then you might have only heard prospecting as something that happened during the Gold Rush when there was a frenzy to find and mine the most gold.

However, the sales process is essentially the same: know where to look to uncover the customers that can benefit from your product or service.

Learn how to prospect potential customers for your business with these tips:

Learning the frames in a prospecting role.

The first thing is to learn the ropes when entering to totally new environment. In the end how we can win the game of selling if we don’t know the frames to play with. At every new job, there’s a period where we’re getting our bearings. In this period of time, people are discovering the language and values of the company to use with prospects, as well as colleagues and co-workers.

‘’Imposter syndrome’’

This makes us feel a million emotions all at once. You may feel you are not performing well. Imposter Syndrome sets in and you begin to doubt your ability to produce at all. It’s common to feel as if you are being “unproductive”, when in reality you’re planting seeds with prospects as you reach out with a softer, human, and less aggressive touch.

Ramp time

At the beginning of the ramp period, leaders will often delegate tasks down to you. These tasks have a way of coming off as menial, or like “grunt work”. This is not the side of your ramp time to focus on. It’s also a good way to learn how to structure time management and routines in the new role.


In conclusion:

In the grand scheme of things, your new prospecting role can turn into a sales career. Don’t move too fast. As you move throughout your ramp, you will pick up new skills that will likely make you faster, more efficient, or even more effective overall. Learning is a never-ending cycle that is always, and I mean always, happening in sales. Make no mistake, starting a prospecting role is hard, and it takes a patient individual to make it look easy, and not squirm in their chair a little bit every day.

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