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Sergio Zuniga 08.02.2022 4 min read

Six best practices that will help you build a high-performing sales team

You cannot overemphasize the importance of a sales team. It plays a crucial role in shaping how the business grows and sustains. Sales teams help build a bridge between what the company offers and what the customers want. They effectively understand customers’ needs and demonstrate how their company’s products help address them. This process allows the company to gain new customers, access new markets, and expand its revenue and market.

For a company to strive, it must place a significant amount of burden on its sales team. The sales team must be empathetic to the target group's needs and thoroughly knowledgeable about the company's products.

Here are six methods you can employ to ensure you build a superstar sales team: 

1. Make training a core aspect of team performance 
Any team that does not prioritize learning and continuous improvement is at the risk of lagging. With emerging technologies and new strategies coming up every other day, sales professionals must constantly update themselves about the latest and most effective trends. When training becomes a core aspect of team performance, learning becomes second nature to your sales team, and the company will reap the benefits soon.

2. Use a templatized sales process to enable collaboration and drive efficiency 
Every company has a process that works well for the members of its sales. It could be a longish book-driven process for company "A," while for company "B," it could be a quick and short process. However, each company must stick to what works well for it. A standardized procedure helps sales professionals focus on chasing and closing sales deals and offers the new members a quick and efficient route to learn the process.

3. Leverage automation and sales enablement tools for better results
Automation is the ingredient that enables sales teams to double their efficiency. It removes the mundane, tedious, and repetitive aspects of everyday work like data entering, calculation, analytics, and salesman enablement, among others. Automation gives sales professionals the freedom and time to focus on their core tasks of drawing new customers and boosting sales.

4. Humanize your customers by building relevant personas 
Companies can empower sales professionals by training them to humanize their potential customers. Your sales staff meet several clients with different requirements. Creating user and buyer personas help your sales team visualize the clients they are likely to encounter and prepare better for their sales discussions.

5. Conduct regular sales reviews and provide action plans
This one is a no-brainer. Regular sales performance reviews allow the sales rep and the manager to give and receive honest feedback about each other. This process enables tangible avenues for stakeholders to improve the relationship, process, and company culture.

6. Provide flexible incentive plans to help cross-department success
Each sales member may be different in how they conduct their sales deals. Even if the process is standardized, it is vital to reward each sales rep most beneficially. Flexible incentive plans help each sales professional improve and chase higher deals.

Blitz can give your sales team the latest technology and integrations to supercharge them and make them the best in this competitive and economic landscape.