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Fernando Gutierrez 11.21.2016 3 min read

Attitudes and actions sales people avoid to achieve success

Never, ever do this if you are a salesperson

Being in a sales team is a huge responsibility and there are some actions and attitudes salespeople avoid. A sales person collaborating to have a quality sales force in place is also collaborating to the success of the whole business. But how to keep this work pace and not fail while developing in the sales world?

Salespeople avoid doing this to be totally successful in their job:

  1. Allowing failure in your vocabulary: Sales people just don’t know the word failure, salespeople avoid even thinking about this possibility. Everything should be a learning experience for them and they should always be looking towards reaching goals and getting results in the most efficient way.
  2. Talking politics or even religion with a prospective customer: Those are sometimes delicate topics that can influence the customer’s decision. Salespeople should only talk about these topics unless they are 100% sure their thoughts are completely aligned.
  3. Looking at your email first thing in the morning: This will take a lot of time instead of focusing on closing sales and moving on.
  4. Asking questions that you can quickly and easily find on the customer’s company web page: Salespeople avoid this because they can lose a lot of credibility and that good image they’ve been building towards the sales process.
  5. Looking at your cell phone during a meeting: Turn it off! This does not give a good image.

When salespeople avoid these listed actions, they can totally maximize their time with prospects. The least you want to do as a sales person is look unprofessional, so it is very important to keep a good image and to achieve your goals in the most effective way. There are a lot of more things that salespeople avoid, can you tell us more?


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