Build Stronger Relationships during the Sales Process with a Human-centric Mindset

Trust is a keyword for building and creating strong relationships with a customer during the sales process. It’s all about offering some product or service to the markets that will make the customer’s life better.

This article will focus on 5 tips to build and maintain customer relationships during your sales process and overall management strategies with a human-centric mindset.

 Adding a more human-centric mindset to sales processes and strategies

Sometimes it might feel hard to find the same language with the client and that makes you feel stuck. The mindset helps you to investigate the elements of human behavior, things that sales tools can’t measure and prospect. In most cases, this type of thinking helps to find out the true problem behind the prospect.

Here are our top 5 tips to build stronger relationships in sales with a human-centric mindset:

Research like never before.

Starting from the fact that you need to know your customers, it’s true that you cannot offer a unicorn to someone who wants to buy a dog.

You will have a much better idea of what your customers want to buy from you with simple techniques borrowed from customer research methods. Additionally, the conversation of the sales speech can lead to deep waters with this type of approach.

Once you understand the way your customers perspective, working and offering solutions to them will be much easier during your sales process.

Connect with your customers’ customers

For deepening your understanding of your customers, you need to get to know their own customers.

Here are some examples of how to gain an edge over your competition:

Competitors Research

Visit the website of your customer and make some research about their competitors.  Study the competitors as you were searching your own.

 Mystery Shopping

Do research on your customers' products or services and spend some time on that mindset. Buy their solution like you would like to buy it by yourself.

Make a Pitch

Using the following while making the pitch helps you to provide more perspectives on the table. Doing so will make you look more professional and authentic because you actually will be more professional and authentic.

Uncover new insights for your customer

Investigate some fresh data from your customer as if you’re a detective. Collect some dots and bullet points from your team members from a different angle.

Imagine that you’re presenting some fresh content from your customers field. It gives the impression that you did your homework and want to learn about the other. It’s also an easy way to build trust between the parties.


Help your customer innovate or transform

Innovate together with your customer's new ways for them to be different comparing to the competitors. Your customers might have some problems, but they don’t know how to stand out from the row.

With a new point of view from outside of the customers, the company gives them valuable content for developing and creating.


Maintain your relationships.

It’s important to maintain the customer relations after the deal closes. Keep in touch. Follow and interact in social media, read their newsletter and congratulate them on their success. Remember that if the client is satisfied with you, they will continue doing business with you.



Human-Centric problem solving is the key to creating the situation of a ''better future’’. Most of the salespeople are already doing it whiteout even knowing it. The target is to create strong, long-lasting relationships and make you a trustworthy partner, but the key is to see things with the eyes of a client.

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