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Mauricio Duran 05.16.2018 4 min read

What is sales performance management?

Achieve results and grow effectively

Many may think that sales performance management is all about sales compensation. But, it is also about recruitment, lead management, learning management and sales analytics. Sales performance management improves sales efficiency by having a better compensation, motivation, and evaluation of the sales team.

Sales performance management is considered an effective way of building and foster successful sales organizations. And it will make your salespeople more efficient and competitive. It is a strategy to have transparency in all department processes and decisions taken.

Sales managers and directors should take a more holistic view of sales activities to achieve a good sales performance management. It should shape and encourage successful sales organizations. It should boost and reinforce positive, consistent behavioral change in the sales team. Sales performance management improves day-to-day execution of the whole sales process.

Sales performance management success consists in enabling salespeople to know where to spend the time to achieve their goals and have full visibility on their activities and results. These results and their measurement will be helpful for both your sales reps and management team. Setting goals and taking decisions becomes easier this way. Check out this blog post to know which performance measures to look at.

You must know that sales performance management requires a clear vision of where to go and communicating it very clearly. It is important to think about the bigger picture, what do you want to achieve and how? Having clarity of what to do to boost efficiency and effectiveness in your sales team, will open a path for your salespeople to develop their sales skills, processes, results and perform at their best of their abilities.

Technology is now a big part of sales performance management. The use of innovative software tools in your sales department drive sales performance. With accurate data and a more objective view of what’s happening in the sales pipeline, it will be easier for sales managers to make informed decisions and to set SMART goals. Software business solutions help in performing processes like quota management, analytics, sales reporting and compensation management.

For a seamless compensation management, Blitz is the solution you are looking for. It is the commission tracking software with fast setup and adoption, centralized dashboards and real-time data that will simplify the way commissions are managed.

Blitz delivers commission management visibility across your sales force to help you drive top-line revenue and keep employees focused on winning deals. A tool that you will need in your sales performance management.



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