Taking the next step in sales compensation software, Blitz and Natural Language Processing

How does it work and how does it help?

Natural Language Processing, also known as NLP, is the capability that computer programs have that allow them to understand human language, written or spoken. Also, it is considered a component of artificial intelligence. Innovations in Natural Language Processing are increasing the scope of how technology makes everyday activities easier, including sales processes.  Now let’s talk about how a sales compensation software, Blitz, incorporates NLP in simplifying the compensation process.

NLP is opening a world of possibilities in different business areas, allowing sales processes to enter the digital era. Blitz is a sales compensation software that has become a pioneer in giving businesses complete independence from the technical support using NLP. So, let’s see what this is about and how it works.

The easiest and most efficient way to design rules in a sales compensation software

Blitz uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to configure the conditions and rules in sales compensation plans. Business operation and management directors can easily model the commission structures that they need using syntax instead of configuration. This sales compensation platform allows users to type in the compensation formulas using their own words and descriptions.  Blitz would use Artificial Intelligence to give users suggestions, making the processing quick and effective.  If there are any errors or clarifications needed, Blitz notifies the user so that there are no mistakes in any calculations.

How does it work? Users can add compensation rules and modify commission plans in Blitz, at their discretion. While changing the rules, they will see a text box where all the details and descriptions are to be written. While writing the syntax, this compensation tracking software will give suggestions that are derived from other compensation rules created or possible conditions that may be applied. If no suggestion is desired, users can simply continue writing their new formula, where Blitz can verify that all conditions and terms are properly entered.  If there is additional information required, Blitz notifies the user immediately.



In this sales compensation software, users don’t need to understand and input any code, special configuration or complicated math formulas to get their compensation plans on track. It is as easy as writing down how the compensation plan works, allowing Blitz to know the exact way that compensation should be calculated and paid.

Using the Natural Language Processing feature in a sales compensation software will save administrators and managers an incredible amount of time. Rules are specific, and they are done in a single step. It immediately projects how compensations rules will affect the business, even before the plan is executed, by using real data in Blitz to let users know how much will be paid out in incentives if the new formula is published. NLP is a great way to model your plans in your sales compensation software.

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