What can a Sales Commission Tracking Software do for you in 2020?

By Hector Salinas

A sales commission tracking software can help transform the goals you set into realities much faster, and as the year rolls out, many sales organizations have set goals on what they want to achieve by the end of the quarter or the year.

With the right sales commission plan, you can motivate your employees, retain them, and train them to win over new clients for the business.

Your employees play a critical role in the success of your company. This necessitates a need to keep them happy, so they, in turn, create satisfied and reliable customers loyal to your company.

3 Reasons why a Sales Commission Tracking Software will help you succeed

Better relationships between your employees and customers have been found to increase sales by up to 22%. So how does a commission software play a role in all this?

Let’s take a look at three primary ways in how getting the right sales software will propel your business in the right direction.

It efficiently manages sales commissions

Commission tracking software goes a long way in helping the managerial teams oversee their sales commissions. The software allows easy collection of data, and you can get real-time updates as the performance statistics are updated. Let’s take a look at three main ways in how sales management software comes in handy.

Track performance

Every employee enters the data of their sales on to platforms monitored by the software. The commission tracking software then compiles all this information, and it can present it to you in graphical form or varying statistics based on what you want to see.

This means you can the information expressed in percentiles, or charts and compare with the company plans to see if they are on the right path.

Control access and restrictions

Unlike excel documents, commission software allows you to personalize the access each salesperson has to the firm’s sales information. This means you can limit the salesforce to only feed in and analyze their own data.

Team leaders and other sales managers can be given more access to see how the people under them are doing. This maintains the privacy of information and allows leaders to keep track of their sales teams.

Motivate your sales team with the software they need

Sales commission tracking software goes a long way in helping you design ways to motivate your sales team. Sales are more than merely meeting new goals every time. Since the software enables you to collect data on the performance of various salespersons, you can use that data to work on each employee at a personal level.

So how can you motivate your sales team using a commission tracking software?

A sales commission tracking software can help you identify the sales teams leading in performance

Based on the volume of sales and profits brought in, you can identify individuals who are contributing a lot of effort to the achievement of the sales targets. Using that information, it becomes easier to plan on how you will reward the team and the people who contributed the most to their overall success.

Rewarding consistency

Not every employee in your sales organization may achieve higher sales goals every time. However, with commission software, you can identify those people who may not meet the new targets, but they have shown consistency in their performance.

Such an arrangement ensures that each employee feels recognized and adequately compensated for their efforts.

Training your sales force that’s lagging behind

Some employees may have a difficult time catching up with the more experienced people who are well acquainted with the sales business.

Sales software can help you identify these employees and thus prepare training materials and programs to help them improve. Such an initiative from the management shows you care about your employees and motivates them to perform better.

Turn data into actionable insights

Sales commission tracking software collects a vast amount of data that can be used in a myriad of ways.

Future sales performance predictions

You can use the historical data collected by your sales software to estimate what your future sales are going to be. This tactic is used by many of the world’s leading sales organizations to ensure they stay on top.

Refinement of your sales plan

Every sales company makes a plan on how they are going to achieve their targets. However, these plans are subject to change based on the reflection of performance.

If you notice sales volumes dropping down, then a commission tracking software can be used to point out where the problem began. This will allow for further inquiry into the issue until the root cause is identified and rectified. From there, the sales plan can be adjusted to include new policies or targets.

Setting of goals

A commission tracking software creates room for the setting up of daily, weekly, and monthly goals. The system can also be designed to automatically reward employees who achieve these goals by giving them bonuses.

It also gives your sales firm the opportunity to consult your sales force on what rewards they’d prefer and thus incorporate them into the system.



Managing your salesforce turns into rewarding them for their performance, and in return, you use the data to redraw your sales company plans and aim higher. Blitz is one of the most effective sales commission tracking software that will help you monitor how your commission plan is running. You definitely don’t want to be left behind this year, so incorporate a commission software into your organization today.

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