What to look for in a Sales Commission Tracking Software?

A Sales commission tracking software has proven to be valuable more than before. With the fast-technological advancement, the need to automate this process  is fundamental.

For any modern-day digitally enriched company, sales tracking is quite essential for performance and growth. The past is gone, and tedious sales tracking software like excel sheets are slowly being obsolete.

Choosing the right sales commission tracking software will require less practicality while correctly performing the intended task is what’s necessary. The aim is to look for the picture-perfect system to use while reducing the task load and saving on cost, for convenience.

Many companies nowadays opt for this type of  software that offers more automated processes. Where little user input is required, work is easier, and the company is at an advantage of making a lesser amount of errors.

It's a fact that a good software should offer real advanced reporting and analytics, with integration options that enhance client relationship tools.

Let's evaluate various options you need to consider as well as the criteria for choosing the right sales commission tracking software.

How to find the perfect sales commission tracking software for your business?

There are dozens of diverse software selections that can be used for sales tracking, each with its unique features of operation. But picking the right one that complements the rest is ideal. Convenience here is the key.

Outlined below are the criteria you need when choosing a sales commission tracking software for your company.

Affordable, customized solution

If you do an online search, you will get countless solutions as to how your tracking software should be. However, you need a swift and active sales organization that continuously checks your sales and commissions, promoting growth and overall performance of the company.

Thus your software needs not only to provide commission tracking options but automated customized solutions that support the user in operation.

Automatic data organization and clean-ups are some of the options you need to consider before default-setting up a particular software for your company. This way, you’ll find more time is saved and costs of operation cut by quite an amount.

Fast set-up and Adoption ­

Setting up a sales commission tracking software for your company shouldn’t be a drill. It needs to be one that easily integrates with the existing systems and streak of your business work.

A commission tracking software that is ideal, easily adapts to the work progress while giving users a smooth experience. Take, for example, a system that automatically rounds off commission figures, this will most definitely result in errors that automatically alter the balance in the long run.

Take your time to study the work ethic in your business to avoid getting misled on what sales tracking commission software to use.

Real-Time Visibility and Reporting

Real-time visibility is a feature that allows sales reps and business managers to look into the past, present and evaluate the future of their businesses. Analyzing sales and commission performance helps show projections at the same time eradicating disputes and faults helping the company better achieve their goals.

Having a well performing software that gives clear reports on operations is ideal for this course. Its’ non-disputable to check for a sales system with a clearly-cut reporting and real-time visibility functionality.

Centralized Commission Dashboard and Analytics

Software with strong principles of big data analysis improves outcomes of that particular business. It is even better if it comes with an embedded dashboard for all commission errands in the business.

Note that having an automated analytics system that delivers business intelligence will with no doubt ensure you make tactical decisions. This will make certain that you capitalize on returns and refining the overall business performance.

Using the above criteria, you need to gauge specific features before acquiring your sales software. Listed below are items keenly evaluated that will enable you to procure the desired sales and commission system most suitable for your business.

Workflow automation – You need to look at the degree in which the user input for work is required once you establish the software. A more automated workflow means minimal time, and energy is needed during work. The more the software is automated, the more convenience it befits.

Simplicity – How easy it is to use any software despite the purpose is first considered. Look for software where set-up and use on a daily basis are simplified. Also, the ease in carrying out automated processes is to be considered.

Integrations – Consider evaluating Quick-Book tools plus the ease of integration options such as connecting to popular CRMs using the software.

Price/Affordability – Generally, the cost of implementation of the commission software is to be put to consideration. Also, check if you are able to save on labor costs needed to carry out difficult commission tasks and payments manually.

Reporting and diagnostics – Think through what reporting options the software offers. Consider what diagnostics it has that provide users with crucial information that helps them in sales teams management and tracking commission pay-outs.


Blitz’s sales commission tracking software provides the above-stated characteristics and much more that you need. You get to enjoy a system with interactive centralized commissions dashboards that advance your business performance and work ethic, promoting growth.

Generally, when looking for a sales commission tracking software, evaluate your business, keenly outline what you want, and choose with wit. Make sure the system brings value to your business.

Blitz also provides detailed sound reports about business sales, so planning is easy.

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