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Magdalena Hernández de la Fuente 11.10.2016 6 min read

Establish the ideal recruiting program for your sales team

Get the best sales people for your team

One of the most important tasks of a sales manager is to hire the right sales team and to develop an efficient recruiting program and process. Your company can grow when you make the right choices. But what happens if those choices are not the correct ones? Well, the company could lose a lot. As a matter of fact, hiring the wrong sales person may cost an organization between 3 to 5 times their annual compensation plan. So we definitely have to be very careful.

We should start with the premise that a resume does not drive sales, a sales person does. A recruiting program or process is much more than just publishing job positions, receiving applications, and selecting the best resume. There are a series of tasks that sometimes sales managers disregard:

Design a suitable commission plan

It is important for the employer to see that he is getting a good value for the money he is investing in the employee.  On the other hand, the employee must also feel that he is receiving what he is worth. The details between this employer-employee relationship regarding financial themes are outlined by a commission plan. And, don't forget that here's where Blitz can be the protagonist.

Create a good job description

Know your expectations, that's key in a recruiting program. Do you need a part time sales rep, a full time outside sales person, or an independent sales agent? What should be the focus of your new hires? What are you really looking for? Include in your job description an outline of the specific requirements and accountabilities of the available sales rep position.

Perfectly define the ideal candidate for the position

Once the job description is defined, you must define the ideal person to do it. Every company is different and every company needs different sales reps profile.  There is no predefined description of an ideal sales candidate that fits every business, but you can easily define the ideal sales candidate that fits you.

Attract the right talent into your recruiting program

It is ideal that the people applying for the job position are just the right candidates that fit your needs. Studies prove that sales jobs are the most difficult position to fill, so it is important that you clearly state your expectations.

Use appropriate methods to ensure a good fit

Where to advertise the job positions? What a question. The internet is the first and often the only research tool that candidates use for career search. As a result, there is a decline in the number of advertisements in newspaper as compared to few years ago. So advertise where your ideal sales candidates are most likely to see it.

Confirm your information

Always ensure that the candidate meets the basic criteria of your position. Ask the candidate direct questions by email or phone before the face to face interview. A job interview that only repeats what is listed on the resume will not help you find your perfect candidate, take that into account. Once you made your decision, it is important to apply some aptitude testing, why? This could help you to better structure training programs, commission processes, and sales strategy specifically tailored to your chosen candidate.

A formal offer in the recruiting process needs to have a signature

Don’t forget to do a formal offer the right candidate

Offers, especially in the sales world, need to be put in writing. Prepare an offer letter previously checked by your own legal counsel. When the offer is signed by both yourself and the candidate, it is an indication that both parts are on the same page and can start working.

All this information and tips will create a system that maximizes your chances of choosing the correct candidate and minimizes any potential bad choices. After all, the goal of a sales recruiting process is to find the right fit for both the employer and the employee.  Don’t worry if you don’t find the right candidate, it is better to have an open placement than to have bad representation.  You can always go through your recruiting program again.


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