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Magdalena Hernández de la Fuente 08.10.2018 3 min read

Power advice for insurance sales agents

Best practices for a successful sale

An insurance company needs to prioritize and drive desired behaviors. Therefore, insurance sales should align with your corporate vision. Whether your brand is new in the industry or has several years of experience, this information will help you build a successful strategy for your insurance sales.

Get ready

A big mistake for insurance sales representatives is to be unprepared. Get ready for every meeting, presentation, and appointment. Moreover, always avoid saying “I’ll think about it” or “I’m not sure”. Professionals get ready to deliver information in an effortless and comfortable way.

Respect your audience

It is obvious, you know more about insurance than your audience does. But, that does not mean you are superior. A good practice in insurance sales is to never allow the technical imbalance to surpass your respect for the leads intelligence. On the contrary, kindly answer all questions. Perform your sales speech as you are a teacher. And, serve the needs of your audience or prospects.

Own the insurance sales material

This insurance sales good practice means to become a technical insurance expert. Know your insurance product to perfection. This point links directly to both previous ones. Furthermore, be an insurance master guru to help customers and leads understand your products.

Convey confidence

An insurance sales professional must be a confident speaker. As a matter of fact, confidence is everything. Furthermore, if an insurance agent has control and authority of the insurance process, only good outcomes will appear.

Keep things interesting

Trying to convince a lead or prospects to purchase tour insurance product is all about captivating their attention. Furthermore, people want to be educated, entertained and inspired. Keep things serious as insurance sales require to but add a little personality to build a strong relationship with your prospects.

Deliver a compelling product

If your product is not compelling, your results will suffer. Make sales work compelling. Storytelling is a great tool to use when talking about a product. Moreover, telling a story around an insurance coverage adds value to it. Furthermore, stories make insurance real.

These best practices can transcend and boost productivity in your insurance sales department. Furthermore, develop your courage and your power in all sales situations. Remember that this is all about selling compliantly and selling successfully.


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