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Diana Ceballos 02.06.2018 2 min read

Performance feedback is crucial while setting sales goals

Do you know where to start?

When sales goals are implemented well, they are great motivators for sales people. Performance feedback is always necessary in the goal setting process because your sales team members have to know how they are doing relative to a goal. But how to provide that feedback?

Performance feedback should be provided periodically: monthly or quarterly for example. This feedback includes reports that essentially track territory performance against goals. The reports can be distributed thought web, e-mail, and hard copy.

But, there are also technological tools that sales directors use to fulfill these objectives. Many sales automation systems include performance feedback tracking features that allow sales people to have a clear view of performance tracking data, one clear example of these systems is Blitz. And, one of the huge advantages of using sales tracking systems is the ability to measure performance against goals in real time.

There could be changes and adjustments in the sales department goals based on the results of the performance feedback. If that’s your case, as a sales director you need to balance the desire to have commitment to goals and integrity in your goal-setting process with fairness to the sales force. Having policies and approval processes for any modifications in goal-setting and performance feedback changes to limit the number and scope of changes to the most compelling situations.

An accurate process for performance feedback is one of the essential things to keep administrative costs to a reasonable level. That way, you will be able to see errors early and on time before they have bad consequences on your sales department.

Don’t let data management be a challenge, measure your performance against goals in real time with the help of a commission tracking software like Blitz. And, deliver the performance feedback your sales reps are waiting for. Adjust your department goals and then you are ready to increase performance.