Let’s make a winning deal!

By Helena Hernández

The best phrases to use to seal the deal

Closing a deal can be one of the most challenging parts of a conversation with a client. Talking about a product or service is easy when you are passionate or when you have spoken about it before. Closing a winning deal, however, changes with each client. How do you approach this part of the conversation? Are you blunt and direct? Do you wait for the client to come to you? Here are some phrases that can help jumpstart this difficult conversation and lead to new deals!

Be direct and ask for the winning deal

A question like “Are there any reasons or concerns for not doing business with our company if we gave you (this product or service) for this price?” is a great way to open up the discussion.  This question sets up the idea of closing the winning deal while still allowing the client to feel heard and listened to. Asking about concerns will give the client the floor space to air out any hesitations, and will give you the opportunity to blow those concerns out of the water. This phrasing is direct and ultimately points to the desired goal of closing the winning deal. The client knows what you are asking.

Address concerns in the open and do not shy away from them

Questions like: “If we find a way to overcome this (concern), would you be able to sign the contract for us to begin on (date)?” can be very helpful and reassuring for clients to hear. Listen to your client’s needs and address them. Still be direct and positive, but do not gloss over concerns or objections that they might bring up. This technique and method will put clients at ease, even if they do have concerns or objections.

Use the word “we.”

Invite the client to be a part of your team. Making a deal or closing a sale should not feel like an “us versus you” event. Clients should feel like the winning deal is mutually beneficial and that they are respected as equal teammates and partners.

Look for unusual solutions.

While some clients may be more traditional, others will jump on the opportunity to try something new to gain a one-up on the competition. Allow yourself to think outside the box and really wow your clients. This especially works if you have received a no from a potential client. Try offering creative solutions to the winning deal and express how novel this idea might be.

Stay positive and show clients how excited you are to work for them.

Always phrase concerns or objections in a positive light. If a client is concerned about the timeline of a projected project, ask direct questions like: “When can we begin with implementation?” This shows clients that you are ready to work for them.

There are many sales closing techniques out there, but do you have the tools you need to bring your customers through every time? Practice these five techniques and have the sales year you’ve always dreamed of.

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