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Diana Ceballos 01.11.2017 2 min read

Become a master in lead qualification and approval

Catch all the good sales leads applying the right tactics for lead qualification

We are completely aware that not every sales opportunity or lead is worth chasing. As a sales rep, having an accurate lead qualification process helps save time and make every deal worth having.

Having a well-qualified lead will make salespeople focus their energy and effort on prospects who are a good fit for the product or service.  We are here to help you refine your lead qualification process.

The first thing you want to do is brainstorm your ideal buyer. Search for a little bit of their business background, the company size, how fast they are growing and the characteristics of their industry. This is important to find out the experience and problem-solving skills you need to have to start a conversation and persuade the lead.

Once you brainstormed your ideal buyer, be clear about your target market and do a correlation between these two. Take the company size, the marketplace, the industry and the location into account.

Before you start a call or any type of conversation with your lead, be sure you know every single thing about him and his company. Investigate your lead, go to your lead’s LinkedIn profile and take all the information that will be useful to have a pleasant talk.

Now you know everything about your lead and you are 100% sure it will be a great suit for your service or product, it is time to do the first call. This first call is to collect all official details about the lead, make sure your lead is a decision maker and knows the needs and problems your product or service needs to solve. Also, this first call is the definitive step for lead qualification.

Now, with a suitable lead qualification process, you are ready to get those leads. Go and close those deals and fulfill all of your personal and company goals!