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Diana Ceballos 02.23.2021 5 min read

How to Use your Data to Improve Sales Performance

Just within your sales team alone, you probably have huge amounts of data right at your fingertips. That’s data about your industry, customers, market trends, and more.

But how can you make use of all this data? Sales analytics applications are one solution used by leaders in the industry. These platforms help your sales team be more efficient in their selling and give them access to powerful insights.

In fact, using data for your sales can actually increase your profit by 6% more than your competitor. And in a competitive market, 6% isn’t anything to scoff at.

Are you looking to improve your sales performance? Here are a few proven techniques you can use data to help improve sales performance.

1. Compare and Contrast Your Deals

By analyzing what type of customer they were, where their lead came from, and more, you can better plan for how to win your next deal. Use this data to help improve your sales performance and better grow your business.

The same goes with when you lose a deal. Go back and look at your data and see if there are any repeating patterns with what’s making you lose certain clients. Whether they’re not the right target market, not being communicated with through the right channel, or any other reason, it’s an important thing to know for your business.

2. Go Beyond Just Closing a Deal

When you win a new client, it’s great! But sometimes, you decide to celebrate a winning deal, rather than go back and still engage with that customer.

To have your sales team increase their performance, it’s great to go back to won clients and ask for referrals, see if they’ll provide a testimonial, or if you can use them on your social media.

Again, the same happens with when you’ve lost a client as well. If you’ve lost a client, it’s imperative that your sales team go back and ask the client what they could improve on by following up or sending them a quick survey. Using the data collected from both of these will help you win back clients and get more clients.

3. Identify Optimal Sales Tactics

When you look back through your sales data, it can start to get overwhelming pretty quick. However, it’s important to go through and look back at what sales tactics were repeatedly working to win customers.

When you do this, you can easily start to pinpoint what sales tactics were working, and which ones definitely weren’t.

4. Nail Down Your Sales Process

When you have a sales team that’s driven by data, you’ll also soon find yourself needing to have a very efficient sales team. From the commission process to getting leads to closing the deal, your data will provide you with everything you need so that sales are done seamlessly.

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