How to Start Your Day to be as Productive as Possible

Do you feel like your morning routine needs something new for you to be as productive as possible during the day? 

Remote working is a new way of delivering tasks on a daily basis for most employees and companies around the world. Now or never it’s important to put your routines in order to maximize collaboration and productivity. 

The global COVID-19 pandemic and all of the news related to that makes most of us feel anxiety, powerless and maybe a little bit hopeless sometimes. It’s important to stay healthy and focused on things that make you feel energic and powerful again, even if you’re working from home: 


Successful people examples of how to stay productive during the day.

The morning routines of successful people help them get off to a good start in the morning. Referring to Larry Page, CEO of Google, he says that most of the people's routines are hindering productivity.  

Starting your day with your favorite activity has additional benefits beyond increasing productivity. It also helps you feel more accomplished, and it will fuel your motivation.  

Think about how you’d feel if even checking the first emails of the day, you already made something significant on an important thing of yours. It also helps you feel more accomplished and it fuels your motivation.  

To start your remote working day, follow this proven morning routine to maximize productivity: 

Step 1: Read your objectives 

It’s important to have a bigger picture of the goal and then to break it down into three-year goals and annual goals followed by quarterly priorities, monthly objectives, and weekly to-do lists. 

By reviewing your goals regularly (daily!), you remind yourself of where you’re headed. This can be extremely motivating. 

It’s easy to get lost in your day-to-day activities. When you keep your goals and objectives front and center, it keeps you focused on what’s important. 

As an introvert himself, Larry Page made this method in practice also what comes to his leadership skills. Piece of paper helped him through meetings and public speaking. 


Step 2: Ask yourself, ’’How’s my mindset?’’ 

Do a quick check-in with yourself to see where your head’s at. Maybe you’re worried about something going on with your family, stressed about a tight deadline, or down on yourself for not getting to everything you wanted to accomplish yesterday. 

Its important to start your day with a positive mindset. If you feel negative vibes, do what you can to snap out of it.  

This could involve going for a walk, talking to a friend or colleague, exercising, or using positive self-talk. Make sure you’re in the right mental space to have a productive day. 


Step 3: Ask, ‘’Why?’’ for critical tasks 

You know what you need to get done each day. For the most important tasks, ask yourself, ‘’Why should I get this done?” 

By asking this, you’re recommitting to what you say you’re going to do. 

Also, this type of question works as a reality check for your work expectations. Often after this, you need to trim your to-do list in order to have more important tasks done.  

When we apply this concept, we will see how Larry Page’s mindset might be different from other people. He wants his team to push the limits on what they think is possible. He wants them to ask “why not?” rather than just “why?” 


Step 4: Ask, ‘’How will I perform better than yesterday?’’ 

Name just one thing that you can do better today than you did yesterday. Just one is enough.  

If you ask this question from yourself every morning, it has a compound effect. Being a little bit better than yesterday makes your routines to greatness over time.  



In Conclusion: 

Now or never, the goals are important. They will keep you going and keep your mind clear even when we are facing a global crisis.  

Having a clear head and goals on how to perform from the day, makes you powerful and perform the maximum way every day. 

If you want to be more productive and stay motivated, start your day off right with this morning routine. Make it a habit and success will surely follow. 

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