How to Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity

Focus all your efforts in improving your Sales Team’s Productivity

Sales team's productivity is an integral part of a consistent and efficient sales team is hitting the goals and objectives that the sales leader has established.

Few things are more important to sales reps than knowing what is expected of them and when it is expected.

It’s the job of a sales manager to be results-oriented and get the best out of their team. One important habit a manager must communicate to his team in order to increase his sales team’s productivity it teaches them how to become more efficient with time management.

According to a new study of approximately 720 sales reps, an average of 64.8% of sales reps time is spent on non-revenue activities.

It´s really important for your sales reps to know how to effectively handle time management and also prioritize tasks, as these 2 factors really affect your sales team´s productivity.

The ultimate goal of any company is to generate as much revenue as possible. If you’re a sales manager, make sure to keep track of your sales team’s metrics so you can understand how they can become more efficient and improve the sales team's productivity.

A commission software like Blitz provides detailed reports and interactive dashboards in real time so you don’t lose track of anything!

Focus on Time and Metrics

As a sales manager, you’ll need to focus on how much time your sales team spend selling. Track the amount of time your sales teams spend with clients, emailing and meetings to have a clear picture of their effectiveness and productivity.

According to a  study by Inside Sales, the majority of sales reps’ time is spent on sales technology (62.8%) with email for sales related purposes taking the most time (33.2%).

If a member of your sales team is struggling to achieve their goals, you can review the historical data and analyze which indicators are low. This analysis will help you head off any kind of problems before they start.

Blitz is a great commission tracking software that will let you track all your sales KPI´s as it provides multiple dashboards & reporting. Implementing a sales commission tracking software is a great way to monitor KPI´s and team performance.

It’s all About the Meetings

Weekly or monthly meetings with each member of your sales team are also crucial to increase your sales team´s productivity. By implementing this habit, you will let them know where they are underperforming and what objectives they should prioritize.

These meetings will be perfect to see how they are performing, give them feedback about how they can be more productive. Use this scheduled time to motivate them and recognize areas they can improve. Running an effective meeting is crucial for you as a sales leader.

Work Together

Sales productivity will increase only if marketing and sales are aligned. Both need to be connected in a way where marketing and sales employees should work together as a team and consequently become more productive.

By sales effectively communicating to marketing the types of leads that they want to receive.  Marketing will be able to develop and execute an adequate strategy that will bring them the expected results.

According to Green Hat Report, one of the traits of Best-in-Class marketers is their success rate in getting a satisfactory lead to follow up.

This is because there is a regular collaboration between Marketing and Sales teams including reviewing KPI Progress and alignment. About 57% of our Best-in-Class marketers do this compared to 38% of the rest. Ç

B2B marketers should really consider having marketing and sales teams aligned as a primary objective.

Motivate your People

It’s very important to keep your sales team motivated so they can become more productive. According to a Business Review study, improving motivation can increase gross profits by 47%.

Focus on positivity and support your team so that they can be more prepared to continue selling. Offer rewards for your most productive sales team members to motivate them to sell more.

Acquiring a sales commission tracking software is another way to motivate your sales team. Blitz provides transparency & real-time commission information to your sales force and management teams by role and company profile. This motivates your team to close leads as they can easily see the details in their future and past commissions.


If you want to improve your sales team's productivity and numbers, you need to provide them with the tools to accomplish their tasks and goals. According to a study by Gardner, 98% of sales leaders have increased sales support resources in the last 4 years.

Using tools like CRM’s, sales commission tracking software and communication tools can increase productivity and help them save time.

Finding a correct sales commission tracking software and a CRM that works best for your company will help you stay transparent, automate tasks, and save time.


Blitz is the best sales commission tracking software in the market. It goes beyond simple automation of commission tracking process through dashboards and reports about your sales team’s goal achievement, all in real time. Blitz adapts as your sales commission plan changes and your company evolves.

Make sure to follow these tips so you can see an increment in your sales team’s productivity.




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