How to increase employee engagement in a company

Increasing employee engagement is important dilemma organizations and companies around the globe are facing.  

Keep employees engaged is an ideal situation where the workers feel passionate about their jobs because they’re committed, they will follow the values, they communicate and share the company spirit. 

Employee engagement vs. employee satisfaction. 

Employee engagement does not affect on the same level as employee satisfaction. Because it does not achieve the same level of motivation, commitment, and involvement.  

Sometimes organizations are too focused just to increase satisfaction. On the other hand it won’t lead for growing performance and extra effort from the employees. 


Why employee engagement is important for the company? 

In a nutshell; Employee engagement drives performance. Engaged employees will drive the strategy and full understanding of the business model of the company. In the same way, full engagement goes all the way behind activities, games, and events.  

To truly understand the needs of your organization, a survey is a good option. However, it's important to remember that it's not the same as the satisfaction survey.  

Nowadays the working culture pushes you to gain different work experience. There is the main reason why it is hard for companies to maintain their talents for a longer period of time. A company with a highly effective engagement strategy and engaged workforce will more likely keep their top performers. 

 Successful organizations are value-driven with an employee-centric mindset.  


These are the four factors for successful engagement: 

  • Culture of engagement and maintaining it. 

Organizational cultures focus on motivating, empower, challenge and respect employees.  

  • The environment is a matter of  motivating and relating 

Managers need to motivate their employees to give their best. On the other hand, they are the core and need to build and maintain relationships and develop cohesiveness inside of the team. 

  • Execution management 

It’s necessary to have goals and minimum standards on a personal level in the same way as in teams. However, the managers need to define their goals and that is key for delivering results.  

  • Strategic alignment 

Employees need to know the company strategy and how they’ll contribute to the organization’s success. 


What matters the most with employee engagement dynamics 

Employee engagement surveys provide a lot of valuable content. All the process starts by knowing,  that are your employees engaged or not. Furthermore, you need to take action.  

What comes to the results, it’s really important to be strategic and in order to plan and make activities and initiatives that will increase engagement.  


Good to remember: Nobody’s perfect 

It's normal that companies with high levels of engagement have areas also, that they are struggling with. At the same time, this kind of problem areas might have a big impact on company performance, as a negative matter of a high level of localized turnover and employee apathy. 

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