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Laura Garcia 03.09.2022 5 min read

How automation helps you beat your sales goals

The ripple of the pandemic is still being felt across the world. And it is not uncommon for companies to struggle to adjust to their new ways of working. So in these tough times, how can a company maximize sales staff’s value and increase productivity without breaking their backs?

The answer is simple and it unlocks a vital part of our future: Automation!

According to a McKinsey report published in 2020, automation can transform more than 30 percent of all sales tasks. However, the report also states that the sales function is amongst the slowest to warm up to automation, lagging behind the likes of IT, finance, supply chain, customer service, and human resources. Only one in four companies surveyed has automated at least one sales process.

By not embracing automation, companies lose the opportunity to reduce costs and give the sales reps time to do work that actually matters to them. It is imperative that companies strengthen their sales forces with the gift of automation and unlock higher efficiency, increased revenue, better customer satisfaction, and greater value. By injecting automation into your sales and commission management processes, you can enable sales representatives to work on what they care most about - speaking to prospective clients to forge bonds and close deals.

How can automation turbocharge your sales team and help them scale new heights?


Data Deep Dive: Opening your doors to automation and Artificial Intelligence doesn’t just mean there is a platform that can analyze patterns and historical data. A sales commission management platform that embraces automation also adapts to new data sets and builds models that your sales reps benefit richly from. A deep dive also provides your business with never-before-seen intelligence with which the sales team can fashion new strategies or tinker with the old ones. Leverage data to wow your potential clients into delighted new customers.

Real-time Intelligence

Failing to understand a business is often the deal-breaker in sales. Providing your sales team with real-time intelligence could make a world of difference when they are trying to close out deals. Whether it is sales activity reports, playbooks, sales funnel status, prioritization or prospecting data, automation can pave a clear path to completing that elusive deal.

Sales Forecasting and Prediction

Personalization is the name of the game… even more so in sales. If prediction and forecasting are not tailored to suit individuals and granular, they’re likely to have little impact. Automation and AI allow for accurate predictions and individual-level detailing to significantly increase chances of success.

No More Mundane Tasks

Free your sales force from the everyday manual tasks - arranging documents, checking for patterns and research material, looking up content for presentations, calculating commissions, logging deals, and no-deals. Automation gives sales reps the time to work on more deals rather than wasting their time away behind a computer.

Feedback collection

Post-sales activities are as vital as making the sale itself. It helps build a bond with the buyer and also provides useful insight into what went well and what didn’t. Sales representatives are often too pressed for time to go back to their buyers and request feedback. Automating this process of sending emails and checking in with buyers provides useful data that can drive future sales as well as strengthen the relationship with the clients.

Embrace Automation to drive superior sales performance and commission management

Automation can transform the entire sales cycle and add value at every step. From planning to lead identification and eventually, to post-sales functions, automation can support or lead the process.

Achieving long-term progress in sales is just a step away. Automation future-proofs your sales team and allows for greater efficiency all around. It’s a win for everybody.

Let Blitz show you how automation can lead the way in sales. Contact us for a free demo.