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Laura Garcia 01.11.2021 5 min read

Generate More Sales Doing Less Work With Sales Commission Automation

You’ve likely heard the expression “time is money” in sales before. So, why waste time on manual tasks that you can automate?  

Sales automation, and by extension, sales commission automation, streamline the sales process by automating manual tasks.

The truth is—if you want to generate more sales, you need to eliminate manual tasks to free up your salespeople to focus on what’s most important to the business: making sales.

The Benefits of Automating Sales Commissions

There are many benefits to automating sales commission processes beyond the generic "save time and money" justifications. Here are some benefits you need to know about automation as a sales rep.

Reduce Human Error

Think of sales automation as being able to use a calculator during a math test. You can still get the wrong answer if you enter in data wrong, but the processes entered will still be correct, leading to a higher chance of success, quicker.

Automation is essential in the sales processes—speeding up the processes and reducing human error.

Eliminate Manual Tasks in the Sales Process

Sales are more than just signing contracts. Few people outside the industry know just how hard we have to work to close a sale.

Many of these processes are automatable. You already automate in-person client communications with phone calls and emails, so why stop there?

Automate further. Allow clients to pay online, provide them with an online platform to track their order history, and more. Automation is a great tool to speed up sales processes—like commission tracking.

Focus on Sales

No job is a silo anymore. We all have wide-reaching duties that may or may not be apparent when we first start working a new job.

With sales, one standard duty that few think of automatically is data analysis. Sales are often sold as a job where you meet people, shake hands, and sign contracts.

Here’s the deal. we all have to wear many hats to make sales and increase commissions.

Automating these tasks, like data entry and delivery, managing sales databases, and using software, provides you with more time to chase leads and close sales.

By automating sales processes, you offset more work to computers. In doing so, you generate more sales and raise your salary. The great thing about sales commissions is that there is no salary cap.

If you make the sale, you make your money. Automation helps you do this faster and more efficiently. Whether you see tangible or intangible benefits from sales commission automation is irrelevant, but welcome.

It’s simple. Automation works, both for you and your company.

Automate Sales Commission Tracking With Blitz

Blitz makes it easy for your organization to embrace sales commission automation through an intuitive experience.

Incentivize your sales staff to take advantage of your competitive sales commission programs and drum up more revenue for your business with a platform that your sales teams will love.

Are you interested in seeing the difference sales commission automation can make for your business? Book a demo today with one of our sales automation specialists to get started.