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Magdalena Hernández de la Fuente 07.18.2018 4 min read

The secret to drive revenue with a proper sales performance management

Quick tips for you to excel sales

Sales and effectiveness could go down if your sales performance management plan is not applied correctly. Finding the way to really drive revenue in your sales team could be a hard task. But sometimes, the smallest adjustments can bring important improvements to your sales performance management initiatives.

Here we have 4 quick tips you can apply and adjust in your sales performance management to drive higher revenue:

1. Develop a winning go-to-market sales performance management strategy.

The secret behind great sales strategies is structure. The structure is the framework that should hold your sales performance management strategy up. Therefore, it is the core to executing plans and strategies in your sales department. And, that’s the way to have the right pieces in place.

To develop a winning go-to-market strategy, you must have a solid structure. Otherwise, all your plans could fall apart. Then, make sure your sales performance management structure supports your strategic efforts.

2. Create a high-performance sales culture.

First, have a clear mission statement in your sales performance management. Then, communicate it effectively to your sales department. Constantly emphasizing and communicating your mission statement and commitment will give your salespeople a reason to stand out. And, you will be cultivating a high-performance sales culture. Here are some recommendations to boost your sales team productivity and performance, click here.

3. Inspire common methodologies, best practices for consistent results.

Assigning too many tasks and responsibilities to your team is a sign of a wrong sales performance management. A lot of products, offers, tasks, and processes will lead to confusion and stress in your sales department. Therefore, it is a way to kill productivity.

But, what’s the solution?  Follow common methodologies and spread good practices for consistent results. Moreover, get your sales and marketing teams in sync as a sales performance management strategy. Different studies have proved that you can improve tour closing rates by 67% getting your teams in sync.

4. Attract, train and develop top talent.

Having the right salespeople in the right positions is an important piece of sales performance management. Then, have a clear picture of the people that will fit your organization the best. Moreover, to attract top talent and build an attractive company culture, clearly define sales roles, provide a path for career advancement, and provide competitive and transparent compensation.

And, this last point about compensation brings our attention. Compensation as part of your sales performance management becomes an issue when there’s no clear data. Then, as a sales manager, you should use the right tools to perform an efficient commission tracking and calculation. Calculating commissions with a top-notch tool like Blitz will bring that transparency to your compensation process.

Don’t leave sales performance management to last priority. It is a way of identifying improvement areas and help your salespeople reach their full potential. Moreover, compliment your strategy efforts with tools like Blitz that will bring effectiveness to key processes in your sales department. Click here and schedule a demo.