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Magdalena Hernández de la Fuente 08.29.2018 3 min read

Diagnosing what’s wrong with sales performance management

Prioritize improvement efforts and determine root causes of selling problems

Many times in a sales department, a sales manager or director will feel the pressure to improve results, effectiveness, and sales performance management strategies. But, a huge mistake sales director do is to jump directly with assumed solutions without doing a proper diagnose. Unfortunately, this brings a lot of problems to the sales department and to the whole company.

Stop leading a sales performance management that’s managing the wrong thing. And, know exactly where to focus your efforts. Here we have some tips and advice for you to diagnose and detect where things are failing and how to boost things around.

Review your sales performance management strategy

Identify the causes of your sales performance problems and pain points. Then, prioritize investments in sales department improvements as part of growing opportunities for your strategy. Plus, perform a deep research to identify sales challenges. Also, examine why customers choose your services and products above others. Identify suitability to specific roles and development priorities.

Analyze your sales processes

Sales processes and methodologies don’t have to be a complicated part of sales performance management. Analyze and define customer buying processes and preferences. Then, adapt and document effective sales processes, selling strategies and activities to the customers’ process. Consequently, you will have a clearer plan. And, salespeople focus on customers and generating revenue.

Think about the required selling skills

We have mentioned this before, training is a crucial part of sales performance management. Research about the required skills for developing sales teams and coaching performance. Then, provide salespeople with continuous learning and reinforcements to master essential selling abilities. Take a look at this blog post and learn how to perform a training program.

Rely on sales productivity tools

Technology and software allow you to have better process execution. Moreover, sales apps and tools reinforce sales best practices and help you to do a deep sales performance management evaluation. One clear example is Blitz, the best commission tracking software. As a matter of fact, with Blitz, you will have dashboards and information about your sales reps’ goal achievement and improvement. Schedule a demo now.

Before making any process-changing decision, remember to always evaluate your current sales performance management status. And, don’t skip diagnosis. Carefully determine if assignments are created effectively. Therefore, your salespeople will be able to close more deals in a more efficient way.


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