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Data protection security in your commission management platform

The best way to prevent a breach of data and privacy is by putting in place a robust security system. Besides maintaining the sanctity of data by keeping it out of the reach of malicious entities, a robust security system uplifts your company’s reputation, which is a major factor in drawing new and retaining older clients.

Sales representatives, too, must be alert to data breaches, both advertent and inadvertent. For instance, professional information is an asset for sales professionals, and divulging information like transaction details, sales records, competitor data, contact information, and commissions could have severe ramifications, including job loss.

Data breaches happen due to various reasons, some of which are beyond an employee’s control. Server crashes, computer viruses, hackers, phishing, lost or unprotected devices, and lack of awareness are a few reasons for data breaches. 

A recent report by a global networking brand revealed that 6% of its employees shared files and information between work and personal systems. In the remote and boundaryless setting thrust upon companies by the pandemic, supervision of data security has suffered significantly. 

Why your sales team needs data security:

Enables trust

Trust is the major driver of how sales teams function. The team often has access to clients’ and potential customers’ data, and if that falls into the wrong hands, it can lead to trust erosion and loss of business. A strong data security ecosystem helps the sales team maintain the trust factor with their clients.

New  contacts

Your sales team constantly meets new contacts and gives them vital information. This could sometimes lead to the arrival of emails and messages from unknown sources. A lapse in judgment while opening a mail to access an attachment could jeopardize the organization’s data.

Outside office work

Sales reps are often on-the-go and access Wi-Fi and internet connections that are not always as secure as they are on the office premises. This could play into hackers’ hands. 


Implications of Data Security Breaches


Fines, compensation, and damages

Failing to adhere to data security regulations could lead to hefty fines, compensation to the affected parties, and heavy costs to repair the damage. 

Reputation loss

Not all publicity is good, especially when it concerns data security. A leak could make potential clients steer clear of all business deals with your company.

Loss of job and revenue

When the sales numbers don’t rack up, the effect on the company is severe. A data breach may dent business, bringing down sales and resulting in a financial disaster leading to mass layoffs.

How to Build Robust Data Security


Save only relevant information

The more information you store, the more susceptible the system becomes to breaches. Storing and analyzing data relevant to your sales team helps strengthen the security around it. 


Your sales team must be empowered with the latest gadgets and technology armed with the latest encryption software. Secure data-sharing platforms and channels can help keep the information safe.

A single platform that stores and protects critical data

A secure CRM can help sales reps log in sales deals and other vital information without fear of a leak.

Best practices

Adhering to best practices, such as organized filing systems, bug-free platforms, strong password setup requirements, and two-layer security ramps up data safety.

Security awareness

Conducting regular sessions on the latest trends, threats, and best practices helps keep the sales staff in the know.


Guarantee security, transparency, and efficient collaboration with the best commission management platform

Blitz’s cutting-edge Sales Performance Management platform guarantees a robust and secure system to keep your sales team’s data protected, organized, and relevant. Protect your sales team with a secure sales management and commission tracking system. Contact Blitz now.

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