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Mauricio Duran 08.01.2018 4 min read

Measuring customer satisfaction as part of sales performance management

A successful business strategy is to keep your customers happy

Currently, businesses face increased competition, more ability to analyze markets and bigger clients’ expectations. Therefore, there is an important tendency to make customer satisfaction especially critical. This aspect should be part of your sales performance management plan since it plays a key role in a successful business strategy.

There are few key points you must consider in your sales performance management regarding this theme. Treat your satisfaction surveys not just as a tool to learn how happy are your customers with your service or product. Instead, these surveys should be treated as a decision-making mechanism that will ultimately help increase sales.

The customers' point of view is an imperative information source for your sales. So, businesses should be able to interpret and quickly find solutions to give their customers what they are expecting. Moreover, customer satisfaction influences not only what your clients buy, but whether they will keep buying your products or services. Avoid customer churn, here's a quick guide on how to retain customers and achieve customer satisfaction.

Include customer satisfaction in sales performance management and see over 10% growth rates a year

Sales development cannot take place without formal information about customers’ patterns and trends. Attempting to improve sales improvement without monitoring customers’ needs will lead a company to underachievement. Therefore, market research and customer satisfaction make the difference between retaining, obtaining or losing customers.

Your sales performance management strategy should see customer satisfaction in a very structured way. This is a key step to provide you with valuable information. It represents a tool to plan and perform activities for your sales department. Know the importance of your products and services for your customers, if customers are dissatisfied find the reasons. Then, research about the changes they would like to see and perform those changes.

As a matter of fact, business technology helps in improving customer satisfaction. Besides, it enhances the ability of your salespeople to build better relationships with clients. With tools like Blitz, the best sales commission tracking software, you can incentivize salespeople for sales behaviors that align with your sales performance management initiatives. With a good compensation plan, accurate transparency and automation, you will grow the customer base, increase market share and ramp up sales of your products or services.

Eventually, have a clear set of values and rules in your sales performance strategy for improving customers’ performance. And, use all the knowledge about customers and their needs o improve overall sales department performance.


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