Closing Deals in a Virtual Way and How to Make it Right

Closing deals virtually is the thing that every salesperson needs to take into consideration. In the past, I was searching for a commission tracking software to help supplement our company’s lead-generation efforts and start closing deals. My goal was to quickly evaluate vendors via a series of online meetings. 

I called vendors to try to set up online or virtual demos to save my time be more efficient and productive, but, for some vendors and salespeople is easier to go out and start closing deals with traditional meetings, even at a coffee or in an office. 

The virtual handshake is the future 

Back at that time I was also a full-time student, so there was a totally limited time in my usage. Even though I told them the story, a salesperson would choose to travel to my office instead of hosting a virtual demo for me. 

Personally, I think that these vendors thought that coming to my office and shaking hands would increase their chances of closing deals easier.  

I decided to go with a flow and took the meetings to our offices. After the meetings, it became very clear that the salespeople were more comfortable selling face to face.  


Here are some tips for you to start closing deals in a virtual way and how to make it right  

Familiarize yourself with the latest technology.  

It’s just one online search to get the info about how many types of applications exist that can help you close a deal.  

Take some time to play the part of the explorer to see if you find anything that can help. Who knows, perhaps you can alert your sales director about all the things the department to get the deals they need. 


Become a superlative listener. 

You can’t offer a unicorn to a potential customer if they want to buy a goat. Simple as that. You may not be able to see your online prospect, and you certainly won’t be able to read his body language as if you were in the same office.  

Therefore, you must concentrate on refining your listening skills because you will need to learn to pick up on certain subtleties in the tone of voice when your prospect asks questions or responds to one.  

When potential clients get a true sense that they’re being heard, they will let their guard down. I know it’s tough but resist the temptation to jump too quickly into your show and tell. 


Understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Virtual demos equal the playing field in a lot of ways for salespeople. It certainly helps those salespeople who would normally lack confidence because they never felt that they “looked the part” of a successful salesperson; this new medium allows them to sell with the confidence of a Barak Obama.  


Don’t force face-to-face meetings if your prospect prefers to meet online. 

I was personally amazed, how fast the salespeople bypassed my request twice.  I wondered if they even heard it because the same response came to my ear again: “What time would you like me to come over?”  

Scheduling a face-to-face always requires more coordination, and people are busy these days. It’s much easier for me to jump into an online meeting rather than to entertain vendors in our office. The truth is that the same goal can be accomplished online as in face-to-face meetings.  


Put your money where your mouth is to show confidence.  

If your product or service is easy to use, then don’t hesitate to make an online demo. Make the online demo your first option. Explain to your prospect that by doing a virtual demo you’re saving him time. You’ll showcase how great your application is, and you’ll give the buyer a little extra confidence.  



The Internet has changed business and personal dynamics in ways that could never have been imagined. It is your job to keep up and to perform well in the new sales environment, wherever that may be.

Remember that once you start closing more deals, you’ll need the perfect and most effective sales commission tracking software that will help you monitor how your commission plan is running.  

You’ll definitely don’t want to be left behind this year, so incorporate a commission software into your organization today. 

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