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Mauricio Duran 07.20.2018 4 min read

Who’s in charge of sales performance management?

Leading the way to improved sales outcomes

Sales performance management is something that should stay on track with your team. Therefore, sales leaders must get on track too. Sales directors are the ones responsible for establishing the right vision, strategy, and disciplines for a sales department.

To carry on your responsibility, you must define sales roles that reflect the strengths of your products. The, assign responsibilities to accomplish the sales performance management strategy. Don’t forget that while each salesperson takes responsibility for his work, everyone must work as a team to fulfill all targets. Consequently, this team effort will improve sales outcomes and promote teamwork.

Inside your company, train your team and get informed about new sales techniques. These should form an effective and integrated selling system. Furthermore, have a clear value proposition in your sales performance management that’s aligned to the customer’s needs, pain points and commercial objectives.

The most important things while directing a sales performance management plan are the following:

  • Understand your business niche.
  • Make informed decisions.
  • Reach your performance potential.
  • Optimize resources.
  • Drive market alignment.
  • Have an integrated vision of marketing and sales.

Emphasize the features of your product or service. Plus, these features should solve problems for the customer. Moreover, strong sales skills and strategic questions create favorable customer attention. And, always do a proper lead follow-up to maintain their attention.

Sales performance management measurement and feedback

Developing a sales performance management plan is a constant process. And, it should include proper feedback and measurement to identify opportunity areas for improvement. How to do this? Your commission plan is a great way to know how tour sales reps are doing their job.

But, a commission plan should be properly managed too. And, a great way to so it is through have in place good systems to monitor compensation. A commission tracking software like Blitz will give you the feedback, statistics, and data to appreciate the overall position of your business.

Furthermore, another way to measure tour sales performance management results is to use key performance indicators (KPIs). These indicators are objective factors that can be easily identified and measured. Click here to know exactly which KPIs you need to focus in and measure adequately.

A sales leader should know that selling is both an art and a science when practicing it. Therefore, you should know how to engage in the practice of sales activities in methodological and systematic ways. Determine the right actions and then respond.


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