Break down your targets by activity

By Daniel Salazar

How to do a good classification?

Identifying the right type of targets – and including your sales team in deciding on these targets – can help you accomplish your sales goals and grow your profits. These targets tells your opportunities to develop and reward your team and keep them improving. Although coming me up with realistic targets can often come with a negative impact on your business in several ways, including demotivating your sales staff, it's important to support your sales plan and sales team with specific targets when setting targets. Here are some activity targets:

New contacts – sales persons are often asked to go out and try evaluate the market, identify people who can be customers and make contact them. Today, this is usually achieved by making phones calls or perhaps making door to door or office to office visits. Besides, managers have always require each sales person to keep good record of their efforts to contact customers so that this can be reflected in commission.

Leads generated – identifying a potential market is similar to generating interest from potential customers. This can be measure on how effective the sales team is identifying and planning on how to make good use of new leads and coming up with potential new contacts.

New lead converted – this usually involves following up the plans on how to make good use of the identified leads and enquiries created by a company’s marketing activity. This must always show how effective potential customers are being converted into customers.

Customer contacts – These are persons who have been identified and categorized as customers who are in need of your products and services and are definitely ready to purchase. In most situations, they are people who you’ve approached or those you haven’t approached. Ask your sales team to let you know of those they have marked as customers.

Setting activity targets has proven to be very important because of the increased diversity among customers, and it is a key step in the sales and commission tracking processes. In that vein, Blitz – the ideal commission tracking software - has the right tools to help reps and managers to have a clear idea on how to manage commissions and identify how much was sold for each type of target.

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