Improve your Sales Commission Plan: Why you need the Blitz Commission Expert Assessment?

The Blitz Commission Expert Assessment gives your business the opportunity to determine if your current sales team and your sales commission plan are working efficiently. Also, it provides shortcut solutions for a range of specific needs.

According to Bain, sales processes in large companies have become more complex and less efficient, resulting in added pressure on profit margins. The study indicates that when B2B companies increase the complexity of their sales models, they typically experience a 40-60% turnover of salespeople.

If you find yourself at the end of another sales quarter and sales have not been growing as expected or reaching business goals, you might be asking yourself a few questions. After you rule out any external factors that could have been contributing to the slow growth, the next assumption is the cause must be coming from within your company. Is it your sales team? Is it your compensation plan? - Why is tracking commissions performance so complicated?

Is Your Sales Commission Plan Paying for Performance? Improve your sales strategy for 2020

Whether your sales compensation plan is brand new or several years old, it’s important to monitor the relationship between pay and performance regularly, at both an organizational and individual level.

The Blitz Commission Expert Assessment allows your business to determine if your current sales team is working efficiently. Also, it provides shortcut solutions for a range of specific needs.

Because each employee is evaluated using the same structure, everyone is on a level playing field. With a standardized approach to evaluating sales reps, we will discover specific changes to be made to meet expectations and how to improve if they’re not.

Why you need the Blitz Commission Expert Assessment?

Improve your Sales Commission Plan

Without frequent assessments, your business is at risk of weakening without you noticing. Additionally, if your business makes the mistake of hiring the wrong employees, you’ll find yourself paying up to six times a sales rep’s salary in order to replace them.

The assessment will be divided into 3 phases:

  1. Define Business & Commission Outcomes
  2. Collect and analyze data - Team's Interviews
  3. Assessment Development
  4. Commission Assessment Action Plan
  5. Assessment Presentation and Coach Feedback

Sales compensation isn't just an option--it's essential for success

Blitz will work with your team to gather as much information as possible, we will analyze strategies, data, valuable information and we will interview key members of your company.

  • Company Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Current Commissions Strategy
  • Commission Payment Process
  • Staff and stakeholders interviews


Sales Compensation Plan that works A compensation payment error rate of 1% can cost a company $500,000, while a 5 percent error rate can cost $2.5M


We are ready to help you! Blitz Commission Expert Assessment has three major benefits that work hand-in-hand:

  1. It will determine if your current sales team is functioning at high-performance levels.
  2. It will reveal development opportunities, inspire learning, and analyze business needs.
  3. The assessment allows you and your sales team to identify weaknesses in your sales strategy and make changes so that you can improve the results over the next period.

What you get out of it _Deliverable

Based on the evaluation of the current sales commission strategy, including how the commission is calculated and paid, a deliverable of this engagement will be a weighted, actionable list of enhancements and recommendations that can be made to the current commission strategy and process.

Let’s talk about how we can help you to define a tailored sales commission plan to drive a high-performance sales team!

Let's talk about your commission plans

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