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Hector Salinas 10.03.2018 4 min read

3 Ways a Sales Commission Software will Get you More Organized

Find your Leverage to Get and Stay Organized

Could a commission software increase your sales team's productivity?

According to a study conducted by Gartner, 80% of the organizations are considering making a major change to performance management or already have.

Implementing a commission software, it´s a good way to start. For instance, it will automate your commission tracking process and will motivate your team to reach their objectives and goals, consequently, it will improve your team’s performance.

Let’s look at the reasons why a commission software is one of the best tools you’ll ever give to your sales teams to stay and get organized:

Commission Software Triggers Organization

When implemented across an entire sales team, a commission software will get everyone organized as everything gets registered automatically.  This is really important because sales reps only spend 17.9% of their time in a CRM according to a study conducted by InsideSales.

A commission software will also provide transparency in the commissions that your sales reps will be obtaining.

Calculating and tracking commissions using different spreadsheets is not an efficient or effective way to pay commissions especially when you have a big sales team.

That’s why an intuitive and affordable commission software with cloud integration is so valuable. Everyone will have what the ability to view their commissions in real time without manual errors.

It’s About Quality over Quantity

Gartner has indicated that 55 percent of respondents who implemented ICM or commission software achieved a positive ROI.

A commission tracking software will enable you to enhance your commission structure in a way no manual system could.

With a commission tracking software, your sales reps will be able to see their commission statement with all detailed information.

This will lead to a clear and concise communication of the sales commission process and accurate commission payments, which will increase your sales team’s trust and reduce sales people turnover. Remember that motivated, happy people make for a successful company.

The Real Value of Automation is Consistency

After implementing an ICM or a commission software, 88 percent of respondents reported improved efficiency and 85 percent said effectiveness was enhanced. Automation is an integral part of effectiveness and this is what a commission software provides.

Automating your commission tracking process with the right software will help your team completely understand their sales performance and commissions.

We can say that your sales team will get full assistance in tracking their commissions, allowing them to spend more time closing deals and fulfilling their sales quotas.


Remember that Blitz is a commission tracking software that adapts as your sales commission plan changes and your company evolves. Blitz can integrate with almost any CRM or ERP as long as it has an open API.

Learn more about Blitz!

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