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How to Hold on to a Price in a Global Crisis?

During the global crisis, it’s not easy for businesses to maintain their incomes and productivity. That’s why many businesses...

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What are the Things You Won't Lose in the Ongoing Crisis?

In a challenging time, fear can cause a feeling that you are going to lose the things that are most important to you. In the...

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How to Train your Sales Team to Perform Better

In the beginning when the team is small, the stages of structuring a sales team, a new hire will get a chance to work...

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Attracting Women to Sales with Policies that Actually Support their Success.

It’s easy to sit in a front of a female sales job candidate and tell her that your company is a great place for her to work...

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New Business or Salespeople, Commission or Salary?

The reason why companies love commissions is that they allow sales and new businesspeople incentive to succeed. Basic salary...

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4 Key Factors to Creating an Effective Sales Commission Plan

A good sales  commission plan includes specific elements that together work to better a company’s sales culture. By culture, I...

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How to increase employee engagement in a company

Increasing employee engagement is important dilemma organizations and companies around the globe are facing.  

Keep employees...

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Build Stronger Relationships during the Sales Process with a Human-centric Mindset

Trust is a keyword for building and creating strong relationships with a customer during the sales process. It’s all about...

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Closing Deals in a Virtual Way and How to Make it Right

Closing deals virtually is the thing that every salesperson needs to take into consideration. In the past, I was searching for

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Commission Software vs. Commission Spreadsheets

Commission software vs commission spreadsheets, it seems a common debate that may have finally come to an end. Every company...

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How to Simplify Sales Commission Tracking?

Every sales department or organization aims to increase its sales and perform better every year. However, as the scale...

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How to Solve Sales Compensation Mistakes in your Organization

Sales compensation mistakes in your organization are often, a complete deal. This is due to the fact that sales are arguably...

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What can a Sales Commission Tracking Software do for you in 2020?

A sales commission tracking software can help transform the goals you set into realities much faster, and as the year rolls...

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6 Tips to Improve your Sales Compensation Plan

Salespeople are often the major profit drivers in most businesses. As such, it is in these organizations' best interest to...

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Sales Commissions 101: All you Need to Know about Sales Compensation

Every business or company wants to become the best. This factor can make competition in a particular industry become fierce....

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What to look for in a Sales Commission Tracking Software?

A Sales commission tracking software has proven to be valuable more than before. With the fast-technological advancement, the...

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What Topics to Consider for a new Sales Commission Period

Whichever level your company is on, one thing stands- you will have to make adjustments to the sales commission structure for...

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The Correct Sales Commission Plan for each Profile

Team members can be classified under different profiles; based on performance, position or employment. Having the right...

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Most Common and Useful Split Commission Plans for Real Estate

When coming up with the right way for organizing and structuring brokerages in real estate, the compensation of your agents is...

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How to Calculate Better your Commission Tracking Software

Return on investment is a financial method used to measure the gains from an investment. A commission tracking software helps...

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Blitz Named Top Commission Tracking Software for Small Companies

Blitz tracking software makes the sales commissions process more straightforward for small teams. It not only comes at...

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80% of spreadsheets contain errors, why still use them as a commission tracker tool?

Technology has led to the automation of many business practices. However, there are methods that can still be termed as...

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6 Common Mistakes When Implementing a New Sales Commission Plan

Anything can happen to your sales commission plan no matter how well-planned it is. The scope of technology, the need to work,...

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Improve your Sales Commission Plan: Why you need the Blitz Commission Expert Assessment?

The Blitz Commission Expert Assessment gives your business the opportunity to determine if your current sales team and your...

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Sales Productivity vs Efficiency: What you need to know for 2020

Sales productivity and Efficiency are not the same, and if you’re involved in the sales industry, you need to know that these...

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Automation Technology will Transform Insurers Marketing and Operations Departments

Automation Technology will make a big impact within insurers processes

With the rise of machine learning and digitalization,...

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3 Ways a Sales Commission Software will Get you More Organized

Find your Leverage to Get and Stay Organized

Could a commission software increase your sales team's productivity?

According to...

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The building blocks of sales compensation plans

A critical part of a sales department

Well designed sales compensation plans have a clear structure and intent. Commission...

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The basics for sales compensation plans accounting

Finance and sales coordination

There are many accounting implications to the design, implementation, and management of sales...

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Taking the next step in sales compensation software, Blitz and Natural Language Processing

How does it work and how does it help?

Natural Language Processing, also known as NLP, is the capability that computer...

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