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6 Common Mistakes When Implementing a New Sales Commission Plan

Anything can happen to your sales commission plan no matter how well-planned it is. The scope of technology, the need to work,...

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Automation Technology will Transform Insurers Marketing and Operations Departments

Automation Technology will make a big impact within insurers processes

With the rise of machine learning and digitalization,...

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Retail and sales performance management

Quick formulas and tricks for having the right measures

Retail refers to the provision of good and services to final...

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Key elements of an effective sales performance management

Achieve sales-efficacy and make a difference in your team

It is essential for a good sales performance management to perfectly...

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Suggestions for a successful sales kickoff

Blitz is here to help

A sales kickoff done right can serve to not only bolster sales but also can bring your sales department...

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The best food industry sales techniques

How self-distribution is helping your sales associates reach new levels

Food industry sales representatives in the must be...

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Use your commission plan to drive organizational goals

We’ve mentioned this before, your commission plan should be cautiously determined and aligned with your overall organizational...

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Check out this effectiveness drivers that will lead your sales team to success

The effectiveness drivers how-to

We define effectiveness drivers as the decisions sales leaders make, as well as the processes...

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Sales goal-setting to get where you want to go

Knowing your sales reps’ individual goals help as a guide to set overall department goals

In a performance-based environment,...

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Break down your targets by customer

How do I classify my customers?

Well, setting definite and convincing sales targets will help your sales team work...

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The importance of measuring sales team performance and proper commission tracking

Keep track of your sales team performance and identify opportunity areas

Evaluating sales team performance and tracking...

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Non-monetary sales commissions: is not always about money and a big check

Non-monetary sales commissions are a great option for sales people motivation

Most managers think employees are only motivated...

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The importance of stating clear rules in sales management and commission tracking processes

How do you distribute the work among your sales team and perform a suitable sales management and commission strategy?


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Benefits of setting a commission threshold amount

Managing and tracking commissions for your sales team: not an easy task

As a business owner or entrepreneur, there are several...

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