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5 Winning Tips to Maximize your Sales Team & Increase Sales (and close more deals)

New research from Forbes Insights, in association with Brainshark, shows that sales productivity is a top-of-mind issue for...

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Improve your Sales Commission Plan: Why you need the Blitz Commission Expert Assessment?

The Blitz Commission Expert Assessment gives your business the opportunity to determine if your current sales team and your...

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Sales Productivity vs Efficiency: What you need to know for 2020

Sales productivity and Efficiency are not the same, and if you’re involved in the sales industry, you need to know that these...

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Diagnosing what’s wrong with sales performance management

Prioritize improvement efforts and determine root causes of selling problems

Many times in a sales department, a sales manager...

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Power advice for insurance sales agents

Best practices for a successful sale

An insurance company needs to prioritize and drive desired behaviors. Therefore,...

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The secret to drive revenue with a proper sales performance management

Quick tips for you to excel sales

Sales and effectiveness could go down if your sales performance management plan is not...

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Sales performance management, the fundamentals

First things first, the standards of performance

Everyone on your sales team needs to know exactly what is expected of them to...

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New sales commission management tendencies you must know about

Sales commission management is changing, prepare your team to adapt to that change

We must be up to date and be alert to all...

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Establish the ideal recruiting program for your sales team

Get the best sales people for your team

One of the most important tasks of a sales manager is to hire the right sales team and...

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The best sales commission tracking software. How Blitz works?

Did you know 72 percent of sales reps leave a company over the lack of a sales commission tracking software?


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When an opportunity is too big for one sales rep, there’s always collaboration

A little bit about split-commission payments to benefit your sales reps

When a business grows there is always the need to hire...

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Commission plan essentials: How often should I pay my sales reps?

Follow these commission plan essentials Blitz has for you

A question that is asked to the human resources and accounting ...

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Careful with errors in commission payment and commission tracking

Just one mistake in the commission payment process can bring a lot of problems

As employers, we all understand the leading...

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Cash flow management for business success

It is always more of a business plan based on cash flow management

In these tough economic times, getting money for starting...

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How often should I perform my commission calculation process?

This is a question that pops right away

A commission is simply defined as a payment that a business or company gives to...

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The right commission tracking plan: How to motivate your team!

Sales success not only depends on sales people talking to customers, but it also rests on an effective communication within...

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