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Facets of evaluating and designing sales compensation plans

The five parts of the commission diamond

There are five facets to the process of evaluating and designing sales compensation...

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Driving sales compensation plans with your sales strategy

“The comp plan is the caboose, not the engine” – Doug Holland.

Sales compensation plans allow companies to produce targeted...

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How to set and modify sales compensation plans rules in Blitz

An easy instructive for sales teams enhancement

Blitz is a commission tracking software that drives your goals. It helps you...

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Measuring customer satisfaction as part of sales performance management

A successful business strategy is to keep your customers happy

Currently, businesses face increased competition, more ability...

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The magic behind a sales compensation software

Learn even more about the many benefits of commission automation

Sales automation tools help salespeople perform their task...

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Who’s in charge of sales performance management?

Leading the way to improved sales outcomes

Sales performance management is something that should stay on track with your team....

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The benefits of using the best sales compensation software

Start using Blitz and see great results

The benefits that this sales compensation software brings to your business go beyond...

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Signs that your sales compensation plans are going wrong

Don’t ruin your commission structure

Sales compensation plans are powerful tools for generating the sales results you want....

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4 ways sales compensation plans could be easier

Make it simple… and accurate

Complicated sales compensation plans give rise to redundant administrative problems and lead to...

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Sales performance management for a high performing sales team

Align team knowledge, skills, and compensation

One of the most challenging aspects of sales performance management is leading...

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ROI behind a sales compensation software

Benefits are not only for the sales department but for the whole company

Things are changing rapidly for companies in this...

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Don’t fail over bad sales compensation plans

What’s preventing you from reaching targets?

Maybe you landed on this blog post because you are falling short of your sales...

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How does sales compensation software help sales reps to stay competitive?

Plan for competition and achievement

The benefits of doing a sales compensation right are worth the effort. Having the right...

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6 KPIs to measure for a great sales performance management

Keep tabs on your sales team and business operations

Having specific KPIs to measure sales performance management allows...

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Produce and develop high volume sales with accurate sales compensation plans

Align employee behavior with business objectives

There’s an important and positive relationship between sales compensation...

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Questions to answer before choosing a sales compensation software

Make the right decision and boost your company sales

Choosing a sales compensation software is a decision that should not be...

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Characteristics of a highly successful sales performance management

Optimize sales teams and sales processes

Implementing a sales performance management strategy is challenging. It is key to the...

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6 tips for sales compensation plans to get more out of your salespeople

Be a better compensation planner and implementer

Money is not everything. But every sales expert knows that having the proper...

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What to look in a sales compensation software?

The guide for a first-time sales compensation software buyer

Doing manual calculations and commission tracking is causing your...

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What is sales performance management?

Achieve results and grow effectively

Many may think that sales performance management is all about sales compensation. But, it...

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My sales commissions are a real mess

Disaster is something that nobody wants in a sales team 

Salespeople take commissions very seriously. The moment your sales...

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Make the most out of your sales management meetings, here’s how

We are revealing the secrets to a successful sales meeting 

Your sales team should leave every sales meeting motivated and...

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Things to do when you have a team with demotivated sales reps

How to deal with this issue?

Suddenly, your sales reps don’t have energy, lack determination, and their discipline is missing...

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Get ready to turn your leads into customers: FREE Sales Email Template

More than 60% of marketers use mass email blasts to stay in touch with customers

A sales email template is an important part...

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How do the minds of sales professionals work?

Here are a few tricks of the trade that sales professionals use to achieve their goals.

Sales professionals have a unique...

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How technology is changing the insurance industry

The commission calculation scenario

New technology is increasing competition among agencies. In an insurance industry that is...

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The importance of agents to the Real Estate industry

Why 2018 will be a great year for agents?

Agents play the important role of the bridge between consumer and industry. It’s the...

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How to improve sales productivity in three easy steps

Improve sales productivity, that's what all sales departments want. But, don't make things too complicated. Here are three...

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Who are better salespeople: Men or Women?

Battle of the sexes

The timeless debate is back and once again each side has something to bring to the table. Let’s take a...

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Three things to avoid in a sales email message

How to get every sales email message to work

We’ve talked previously about key phrases to avoid when closing a sale, and we’ve...

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