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Processes are important for sales performance management

Methodical planning and strategy development in sales departments

All types of businesses have one thing in common, they need...

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Keep track of your salespeople with a sales compensation software

Track commissions seamlessly, boost your sales

Technology has become crucial to fuel sales departments. And, commissions are...

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Sales statistics that will blow your mind

4 facts to help any sales representative break out of their rut

Finding inspiration to find and make sales can be difficult at...

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3 key qualities in a SaaS sales representative

Great SaaS products sell themselves ... or do they?

It is often said that great SaaS products can basically sell themselves....

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Performance feedback is crucial while setting sales goals

Do you know where to start?

When sales goals are implemented well, they are great motivators for sales people. Performance...

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Become a master in lead qualification and approval

Catch all the good sales leads applying the right tactics for lead qualification

We are completely aware that not every sales...

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What is a commission plan and why do I need it?

Understanding the commission plan definition in order to apply it successfully

We have said it and heard it many times, the...

Tags: Commissions, Sales

What should your sales rep success plan include?

Create a roadmap to success for your new sales reps

One of the best practices in a sales department is to establish a sales...

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Setting up a base salary to build up the perfect salary mix

The base salary is also an important part of a sales commission plan

A sales manager or sales director has to always find the ...

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Don’t let customers go away!

Customer churn and the importance of bringing customers back

Did you know you customer churn rate has a direct impact on your...

Tags: Sales

Where did my money go?!

Keep a consistent commission tracking

We’re all predisposed to progress in a financial situation, and addressing them – both...

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Keep your most valuable clients close to you

Prioritizing Clients Based on Profitability

Do you know who your clients are, which are the ones who bring more profitability,...

Tags: Sales

Profitability: Customers and their understanding

Where to put my energy? The key is to understand your customers

Do you have what it takes to become your clients’ favorite...

Tags: Commissions

The ultimate Commission Plan ideas, say good-bye to complexity

To make it in this increasingly competitive setting as business owner or employer, you must have a simple and resourceful...

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4 characteristics of a successful sales team

Does your sales team have these qualities?

A sales team is a unique entity that need to function and perform in fast-paced,...

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