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Four Core Habits a High-Performance Sales Team Should Have

It is the dream of anyone with a company or business to make significant sales as they reflect large profits. This, however,...

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What Topics to Consider for a new Sales Commission Period

Whichever level your company is on, one thing stands- you will have to make adjustments to the sales commission structure for...

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The Correct Sales Commission Plan for each Profile

Team members can be classified under different profiles; based on performance, position or employment. Having the right...

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Most Common and Useful Split Commission Plans for Real Estate

When coming up with the right way for organizing and structuring brokerages in real estate, the compensation of your agents is...

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How to Calculate Better your Commission Tracking Software

Return on investment is a financial method used to measure the gains from an investment. A commission tracking software helps...

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Blitz Named Top Commission Tracking Software for Small Companies

Blitz tracking software makes the sales commissions process more straightforward for small teams. It not only comes at...

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80% of spreadsheets contain errors, why still use them as a commission tracker tool?

Technology has led to the automation of many business practices. However, there are methods that can still be termed as...

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